Titan SCR3 N-160

Titan SCR3 N-160The Titan SCR3 N-160 electric tankless water heater is newly-designed and features a digital LCD screen that makes setting it simple and convenient. Depending on the temperature of the water entering your home, the Titan SCR3 N-160 delivers up to 4.0 gallons per minute of continuous hot water.
In most climates, 2.0-2.5 GPM is a more realistic number. That capacity makes this an ideal unit whole-house unit for 1 or 2 bedroom home in a cool climate or a 2-3 bedroom home in a warmer climate with ground water temperature of at least 65-degrees. If you’re planning a luxury bathroom with a steam shower or jetted tub, dedicating this model to it is another possibility.
This Titan SCR3 N-160 tankless water heater review will help you decide if this is the right model for your home. We’ve reviewed other Titan models with different capacities that you might want to consider. These include another 4.0 GPM model, the Titan SCR2 N-120 tankless water heater that is not digital, the 3.0 GPM Titan SCR2 N-85 that is ideal for small-medium homes and the Titan SCR4 N-210 tankless water heater, a non-digital model that is one of the largest electric tankless water heaters you’ll find, with a capacity of up to 5.0 gallons per minute of hot water.
Since this unit offers larger capacity, you’ll need a 240V line and outlet for it with a 70 amp breaker. Running the line will cost more than installing a 120V line, but far less than the installation cost of a comparable gas-fired model that would require both a gas line and a vent. If you’re interested in comparing the Titan SCR3 N-160 water heater with a gas-fired model with similar capacity, see our review of the Bosch Therm 330 PN tankless water heater with capacity up to 3.3GPM.
Of course, there are many gas water heaters with much greater capacity, and we review many from Bosch, Rinnai, Takagi, Navien and other leading manufacturers.
The SCR3 N-160 from Titan offers excellent reliability. Titan has one of the best reputations in the industry for dependability and longevity. This model should give you at least 10 years of service and may last up to 20 years, especially if you clean it once every 6-12 months depending on use.
This Titan tankless water heater will help you reduce energy use because you’ll only heat water when you need it. With a minimum flow rate of just 0.4 gallons per minute, the Titan SCR3 N-160 will help you cut down on water use too. Install low-flow fixtures for the best savings. If you’ve wondered how much energy you can save with a tankless water heater, our guide “How to Calculate Energy and Water Savings for Tankless Water Heaters” will help.
This is a 9lb water heater in a compact cabinet that’s just 7” wide by 10” high with a depth of 3”. You’ll find plenty of room for it in a basement or utility closet, but it’s small enough for a crawl space or even under a sink.
With Titan’s reputation for quality, this model is worth a look. The question is whether or not it has the right capacity for your purposes. Peruse all our tankless water heater reviews to compare models. They’ll help you identify the right one for your home. In addition, our Tankless FAQs will help you determine the right-sized unit for your needs.
If you’re looking for a medium-capacity electric tankless water heater with a digital panel for easy programming and monitoring, the Titan SCR3 N-160 tankless water heater is one you can rely on for quality, performance and durability.



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