Titan SCR2 N-85 Tankless Hot Water Heater

The traditional tank-style hot water heater is one of the most outdated home appliances still in use, but is rapidly being replaced by savvy systems like the Titan SCR2 N-85 Tankless Hot Water Heater.  This product from Titan demonstrates why old-style water heaters are living on borrowed time.  Instead of heating 40 or 50 gallons of water only to let it sit and cool when not in use, the N-85 heats water on demand, with not a drop of waste.  The system is capable of delivering up to 3.0 gallons per minute of continuous hot water, enough to supply 1 or 2 outlets at once.  The unit kicks on when the water flow is less than .5 gallons per minute so you’ll only have to use as much water as you need.

The SCR2 N-85 Tankless Hot Water Heater features heavy duty components that will hold up to continuous demand.  Brass casing and dual incoloy and nichrome burners are built to last for many years to come.  While tank-style water heaters succumb to sediment, corrosion and the effects of heating the unit repeatedly, dramatically reducing their lifespan, the N-85 is avoids those pitfalls with the right materials and technology.  Visit the user reviews section for more helpful information.

If you’ve got a small residence where hot water is used at only 1 or 2 outlets at a time this unit could supply the entire place.  It’s perfect for small homes, condos, apartments and cottages.  Many consumers add one to their boat or RV equipped for hot water.  The other option is to dedicate the unit to a single bathroom, the laundry only, or the hot tub out on the deck.  However you use the Titan SCR2 N-85 Tankless Hot Water Heater it will be backed up by Titan’s 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 1 year on all the other parts.  When you want reliable hot water at the most affordable price on the market choose the N-85 that sells for $229 to $249 from a variety of dealers.



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