Titan SCR2 N-100 Tankless Hot Water Heater

Do you have a bathroom faucet that is a long way from the hot water heater – one you have to run for several minutes until hot water arrives while you watch your metered water go down the drain, along with your money?  A point of use system like the Titan SCR2 N-100 Tankless Hot Water Heater is the answer to wasted water, time and money.  It’s a good choice when you add a bathroom in the finished basement or put on an addition that needs hot water at a one or two locations.

Install this unit under the countertop and you’ll enjoy instant, continuous hot water on demand, at a rate of up to 3.5 gallons per minute so someone can use the shower while another person uses the sink – the perfect unit for residences where two people are getting ready for work at the same time each morning.  In smaller homes and apartments this unit can be placed so that it supplies the entire residence at once, delivering a steady supply of hot water to any 2 outlets.  If you own a boat, RV, cabin or cottage this model, at just 8 pounds, will meet your needs very well.  Visit the user reviews page for more helpful information.

The Titan SCR2 N-100 Tankless Hot Water Heater feature heavy-duty brass casing and copper pipes.  It is designed not to leak or rupture, and all internal parts are corrosion-resistant.  The heat exchanger is built to last and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.  It allows you to do away with the inefficient, wasteful tank-style hot water heater and never heat and reheat water again that doesn’t get used.  You’ll save money by using less water, less fuel and by purchasing a unit that costs a fraction of what traditional water heaters go for.  This unit is available widely for $229 to $249.



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