Stiebel DHC Tankless Water Heaters

Stiebel Eltron is changing the way we think about heating water.  They are accelerating the decline of conventional hot water heaters that are highly inefficient in their energy usage and are hard to install due to their size and weight.  The Stiebel DHC Tankless Water Heaters are innovative, technologically advanced point of use water heaters that seamless plumb into your existing water lines to offer continuous, on-demand hot water with very little waste.  You’ll never wait for hot water to move through the lines while gallons of cold water run down the drain.  Located beneath the sink or behind the appliance, these units get the water to your sink, shower, dishwasher or washing machine right now.

The DHC Tankless Water Heaters come in a variety of size to meet the needs of any outlet.  They’ll deliver up to 2.0 gallons of hot water per minute, enough for even high-demand situations like utility tubs, large capacity dishwashers, and the person in your house who loves a long, hot shower.   Residential settings are not the only place these pioneering tankless water heaters are showing up.  They are just right for RVs and boats, workshops and outbuildings.  They are also very popular for commercial use in schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, factories, office buildings and much more.  Visit our user reviews page for more helpful information.

Each DHC Tankless Water Heater that Stiebel Eltron ships comes with a sink aerator and water-flow reducer which saves you money by only allowing a usable amount of water out of the tap.  A 3 gallon per minute flow is far too much for most applications and much of that hot water goes wastefully down the drain.  These units are affordable, ranging in price from $139 to $179.  They offer you total control over your hot water usage and also your total energy bill.  See these units that are reshaping the way America heats water.



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