Rinnai RC98HPi Tankless Water Heater

There are many reasons homeowners buy a tankless water heater, including energy savings, on demand hot water throughout their home, and the ease of installation and space savings offered by compact design.  The Rinnai RC98HPi Tankless Water Heater hits a high note in every category, delivering one of the highest Energy Factors in the industry at .94 along with and 96% efficiency with both natural gas and liquid propane.  The value to the home owner is outstanding energy cost savings over traditional hot water heaters that use a tank.

The Rinnai RC98HPi also boasts one of the largest capacities in residential units, offering 9.8 gallons per minute.  This is enough to serve 4-5 outlets simultaneously and continuously, something no tank-style heater could do.  Large homes with multiple bathrooms will never run short even when demand is at its highest.  This heater features rugged construction that will keep it performing at its peak for years to come, a reality backed up by a 12-year warranty on the commercial-grade heat exchanger and 5 years on all other parts.  Use a residential controller to heat water up to 140F or a commercial controller for temperatures up to 185F.  For more information and user reviews, visit our website.

This Rinnai is a popular choice in homes, restaurants and other small businesses because of its large capacity and its energy-saving operation.  Builders and HVAC contractors choose the Rinnai RC98HPi Tankless Water Heater for their customers who want a top of the line, highly reliable unit to meet their home’s ongoing demand for hot water.  Choose from one of 4 models in the Rinnai RC98HPi lineup, with prices for new and used heaters ranging from $1,399 to $1,799.



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