Rinnai R94LSi Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai makes a complete range of tankless heaters to serve any size home.  The Rinnai R94LSi Tankless Water Heater has one of the highest capacities in their residential lineup which means that up to 5 outlets can enjoy continuous hot water at once, for a total of 9.4 gallons per minute maximum.  All that hot water is yours along with 40% savings on your energy usage over traditional tank-style water heaters.  The bottom line is that this fuel efficient heater will start paying for itself as soon as you install it.

And installing the Rinnai R94LSi Tankless Water Heater is a simple process because it is so compact and light.  But it is made with rugged, reliable components that come back with one of the industry’s best warranties – 12 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on everything else.  If you need even more capacity this unit features Rinnai’s patented EZ connect which means adding a second tankless heater is quick and highly functional.  The Rinnai R94LSi is rated for commercial use and can heat water to 185F, suitable for commercial dishwashers.  For residential use the water can be heated to 140F for safe use at every outlet.  This Energy Star Rinnai features a .82 Energy Factor, the level required to qualify for the federal governments residential energy tax credit, meaning you will receive a dollar for dollar credit of 30% of the cost, up to $1,500.  Read our user reviews and learn more about this Rinnai.

If you’ve got a large home or large family and you’re tired of hearing “don’t use all the hot water,”  this is a model well worth considering.  This Rinnai gas water heater puts a permanent end to hot water shortages and is widely offered for under $1,000.  This high capacity, energy-efficient model is designed for workhorse service in homes and businesses with a high demand for on demand hot water.



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