Rheem RTG84 Tankless Water Heaters

The days of the tank-style hot water heater are numbered, especially since affordable, highly efficient products like the Rheem RTG84 Tankless Water Heaters are available.  The soaring cost of energy, demand for green technology, and the comfort we all want in our homes is driving the popularity of on-demand hot water heaters.  The Rheem RTG84 models conserve energy by only heating water when it is wanted, not while it sits in a large tank going unused.  It also produces fewer greenhouse gases while saving money on utility bills. These models are usable indoors and outside, with a capacity up to 8.4 gallons per minute of steady, dependable hot water.

The Rheem RTG84 Tankless Water Heaters are compact in their design and make installation a breeze, even in crowded spaces.  If one isn’t enough, the EZ-Link connection allows you to quickly add a second unit, doubling capacity for a large home, commercial business or small apartment complex.  The heat exchanger is built to take the demands of both residential and commercial settings and is equally efficient with natural gas or liquid propane.  The smart-design within maximizes fuel efficiency while preventing overheating and the risk of accidental burns.  The outdoor model, RTG-84X, features freeze protection down to -30F while all models can be used at elevations up to nearly 10,000 feet. Visit the user reviews page for more great information.

The RTG84 Tankless Water Heaters are Energy Star rated and qualify for the federal government’s residential tax credit that is part of the current stimulus package.  When you choose one you’ll receive 30% of the cost of the product, installation and related materials.  And you’ll realize savings on your energy bill from the first month the unit is in operation.  The cost of the RTG84 series ranges from $719 to about $769.  Smart technology for savvy homeowners – that’s what Rheem brings to your house.



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