Rheem RTG64 Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem knows that the desire for cutting edge technology, great performance and fantastic savings is shared by all of us.  Their lineup of tankless heaters includes those geared for large homes but also models like the Rheem RTG64 Tankless Water Heaters that are just right for smaller homes, apartments and condominiums.  These hardworking heaters deliver a constant flow of up to 6.4 gallons of hot water per minute, enough to satisfy the demands at two outlets simultaneously without the water losing temperature.

The RTG-64DV features direct vent design for any indoor setting while the compact cabinet allows for easy installation for the plumbing contractor or those with good DIY skills.  The RTG-64X is designed for outdoor installation and offers protection from freezing to -30F.  Both units operate with natural gas or liquid propane for outstanding versatility wherever your home, apartment, cabin or cottage is locate.  Next Generation burner technology produces the most efficient burn in the industry and the modulating gas valve insures that only enough heat is produced to satisfy the demands of the moment.  Water is never overheated and energy isn’t wasted, but when hot water is called for at more than one outlet it uses full capacity to make sure each outlet is fully supplied.  For more information, visit the user reviews page of our website.

The Rheem RTG64 Tankless Water Heaters boast a 12-year warranty on the heavy-duty heat exchanger and 5 years on parts, much higher than the industry average.  These units runs efficiently enough receive an Energy Star rating, qualifying them for the federal government energy tax credit program currently being offered.  Use the remote control to direct its operation more conveniently, and if you need more hot water to supply a new addition or a hot tub use the EZ-Link to connect two heaters together and have them work like one large tankless water heater.  All this convenience and savings is available in the Rheem RTG64 Tankless Water Heaters for $529 to $600.



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