2011 Rheem H95 Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters

When demand for hot water is high and you want to place the unit outdoors for greater convenience, the Rheem H95 Outdoor Series Condensing Tankless water heater is an excellent choice for many reasons. Rheem h95 outdoorTo begin with, it is part of the Rheem Prestige Series that combines industry-leading quality with very low operational costs. It is an Energy Star product with a very high energy factor of .94 which will lower fuel consumption and reduce your utility bills from the very first month. And it will do this while supplying up to 9.5 gallons per minute of continuous hot water to multiple points of use simultaneously.

There are many occasions in which an outdoor tankless water heater makes the most sense. Use the Rheem H95 Outdoor Series Tankless gas heater when structural issues in your older home would make venting difficult or impossible. And while these units are very compact, they also work well in situations where space demands simply won’t allow indoor installation. In addition, if you have a high-demand outdoor application like a hot tub or shower house next to the pool, the Rheem H95 Outdoor Series Tankless will help amply supply the need while reducing wasted energy that would result from long hot water runs from within the house. Many homeowners find that dedicating one of these units to their outdoor demands is cost-effective and expedient.

Other features which make the Rheem H95 Outdoor Series Tankless heaters the go-to choice of homeowners, builders and contractors include the ability to quickly add a second unit for increased capacity. They are equipped with the patented EZ-Link cable that allows two or more units to operate as one. These highly rated models also offer controls that are very precise and easy to set so you’ll use energy wisely and greatly reduce the risk of accidental burning. The industry’s lowest minimum flow activation and minimum flow levels make them the perfect choice to use with today’s energy-saving low flow appliances.

When you want a whole-house tankless water heater that will perform beyond expectations while saving you money on your energy usage, consider the Rheem H95 Outdoor Series Tankless models. The new Rheem Prestige Series Condensing Tankless Gas water heaters offer models for both natural gas and propane. Rheem’s best series to date features today’s most advanced technology along with total ease of use and great energy savings. Pick up one today and enjoy the Rheem advantage for years to come.

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