2011 Rheem H95 Indoor Tankless Water Heater

There are many reasons that homeowners are turning to tankless water heaters to meet their need for hot water, and the Rheem H95 Direct Vent Indoor model showcases every one of them, including its Rheem H95high volume capacity and prestigious Energy Star rating. This technologically advanced unit is part of the new Rheem Prestige Series Condensing Tankless Gas heaters lineup, the hardest working, and most durable and efficient series they’ve ever produced.

Quality in the Rheem H95 Direct Vent Indoor water heater begins with a large 9.5 gallon maximum capacity that will deliver continuous hot water on demand to several water outlets at once. It is designed to serve the needs of homes with 3 bathrooms and those that use higher than average amounts of water. Does your family run the dishwasher or laundry while showers are being taken or young children are being bathed? This unit will keep up with all these activities and more. Your days of running low on hot water and waiting for an outdated tank-style heater to recover will be behind you the moment you install this work horse unit. If your family grows and you find you want even greater capacity, simply use the EZ-Link Cable connection to add another Rheem H95 Direct Vent unit and double your capacity quickly and conveniently.

The Rheem Prestige Series Condensing Tankless Gas heaters use today’s best technology to make installation and use very simple. The compact size offers an amazing amount of production in a small package and it can be installed wherever it can be vented – utility rooms or closets, basements, attics and more. When space is limited, these units help you make the very most of it. The precise controls mean operating temperature is quickly set without tools and can be just as quickly read on the digital display.

Added to superior performance is the fact that the Rheem H95 Direct Vent Indoor gas water heater is an Energy Star fuel miser that will save you money on your utility bills. With an Energy Factor of .94 and the industry’s best minimum activation flow rate they are an outstanding choice for both low-flow fixtures and for times when you want plenty of hot water at a very cost-effective rate.

When quality, high capacity and energy savings are all on your list of demands, the Rheem Prestige Series Condensing Tankless Gas heaters like the Rheem H95 Direct Vent Indoor model will step up and meet every demand.

The new Rheem H95 is only one of a long line of Rheem tankless waters heaters



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