Noritz NRC1111 Tankless Water Heater

The Noritz NRC1111 offers 11.1 GPM flow rate and condensing technology with a .92 Energy Factor. The Energy Star product is backed by a strong warranty and has a good track record for dependability. This high-capacity, efficient water heater will help reduce energy costs while serving your entire home. It is rated for 4-bedroom homes in warm climates and 3-bedroom homes in cold climates.
This Noritz NRC1111 water heater review gives you the data so you can make an informed about using this product in your home. We’ll cover the pros and cons of the Noritz NRC1111 tankless heater too.
This tankless water heater is very solid mechanically. The Noritz condensing technology uses a second heat exchanger to capture more heat before it is vented and uses it to preheat incoming water. This technology also means that the exhaust is cooler and the venting can be done with inexpensive PVC out the side of the house. You avoid the hassle and expense of running it up and through the roof.
The dual burners keep the heat very steady and produce a total of 199,000 BTUs to keep the hot water flowing continuously. The 11.1 gallons per minute is the maximum capacity in warm climates, but even in cold climates you should enjoy 8+ GPM, enough to serve 2-3 points of use simultaneously. In other words, you won’t have any lack of hot water if the laundry or dishwasher is running while someone is taking a long, hot shower. For even more capacity, link 2 units together with the Noritz Quick Connect and double output instantly.
The minimum water flow required to activate the heater is just .5 GPM, so this unit works well with money-saving low-flow fixtures. On the other hand, it can quickly fill a jetted tub or help raise the temperature of a swimming pool.
The warranty is good, if not great. It covers the heat exchanger for 12 years, other parts for 5 years and labor for one year. The capacity is more than many homes will need, so choose one that is right for your hot water demand or you might overspend for the unit. See our Noritz NRC98 and Noritz NRC66 reviews for units with less capacity that might also be a good fit for your needs. Use all of our tankless water heater reviews to compare Noritz models with what else is available.
The Noritz NRC1111 tankless water heater can compete with the very best from Rinnai, Bosch, Rheem, Takagi, Navien and the other top brands in the industry. Choose professional installation to get the best performance and durability from this tankless heater. When you need lots of hot water that is inexpensive and eco-friendly, this unit should be on your short list to consider.



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