Noritz NR98 Tankless Water Heater

If you are looking for a high capacity tankless water heater that also qualifies for the residential energy tax credit, the NR98 Tankless Water Heater from Noritz is worth a close look.  To start with, it offers 9.8 gallons of hot water per minute, every minute, enough to meet the demands in medium to large homes.  It will supply 3-4 outlets at once without any chilly moments.  This quality unit is also Energy Star rated with 84% thermal efficiency, making it eligible to receive the tax credit of 30% of all costs, up to $1,500.  Other features that make this the NR98 an attractive option for homeowners and contractors include the dual flame burner, exclusive to Noritz, that maximizes heating when the demand is high.  The burners use modulating gas valves to only fire to the level needed to supply the demand.  For your family’s protection, the lockout feature prevents water from being heated above the setting you desire, with the default setting at 120F.

For even greater capacity in residential or commercial settings, add a second NR98 Tankless Water Heater with the Quick Connect installation system.  This unit is designed for either indoor or outdoor use and can be fired with either natural gas or liquid propane, making it one of the most versatile tankless hot water heaters in its class.  For commercial use, the heater has a maximum temperature of 180F, suitable for commercial needs in restaurants and other places where sanitization is essential.  The heat exchanger and piping have been redesigned by Noritz for greater durability and higher performance, and are backed up by a 12-year warranty on the exchanger and 5 years on all other parts.  Visit the user reviews page for more information.

If you’ve got a medium or large sized home and want the cost savings and performance of a whole house tankless unit, the Noritz NR98 Tankless Water Heater will deliver.  Enjoy cost savings on your monthly fuel bill while realizing more savings through the energy tax credit.  This unit is widely available for $1,119 to $1,199. Like all good tankless heaters the Nortitz NR98 comes in several different models to fit your special needs.



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