Noritz NR66 Tankless Water Heater

Do you own an older tank-style hot water heater that can’t keep up with the demand in your 1-2 bathroom home or apartment?  Many do – and that reality is making the Noritz NR66 Tankless Water Heater a hot seller in its class.  It’s got the power to steadily deliver up to 6.6 gallons per minute of hot water to 1-3 outlets in your home with normal use.  If your family is taking back to back showers while the washing machine is running you’ll experience nothing but consistent, warm comfort.  Noritz packs the NR66 with the technology and components to insure durable, reliable performance for years to come.  The turbo-flow technology uses a standard, high efficiency burner that is fully modulating.  This means it matches its output to the needs and doesn’t overheat the water.  In the event the water gets too hot, the thermal fuse shuts down the unit automatically until you reset it.

This unit comes pre-set to 120F but can be adjusted up to 160F which makes it suitable for commercial use.  The thermal efficiency is 83% so you’ll see a reduction in energy usage with the NR66 Tankless Water Heater.  This qualifies for the Energy Star rating and also makes the tankless water heater eligible for the stimulus package residential energy tax credit of 30%, up to $1,500 for the cost of the unit plus installation and related materials.  You won’t spend that much for this reliable water heater.  It is available widely for right around $700.  Installations costs are minimal since this compact, lightweight model easily hangs on walls and plumbs into existing systems.  Visit our user reviews page for more helpful information.

The Noritz NR66 Tankless Water Heater is a popular choice in both remodeling/replacement and new construction projects.  DIY enthusiasts will find that installation can be done easily with a basic knowledge of plumbing and the right tools.  For energy efficiency and high performance in smaller homes, apartments, condo’s and more, choose the Noritz NR66 and start enjoying reliable hot water that never runs out.



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