Navien Offers Efficient and Conscientious Water Heating

We at Tankless Guide have found that choosy homeowners who can afford the best select Navien because of the quality and performance each Navien tankless water heater delivers. The design and build of every units offers superior materials and craftsmanship. They provide durability to match their capability. If you prefer the best products available, consider these top 3 Navien tankless water heaters for your home or light-commercial application.

Navien SR 240A Tankless Water Heater w/Pump: This condensing water heater is an energy miser! It offers 98% efficiency – so 98 cents of every dollar you spend on gas for this unit is turned into hot water for your home and family. That’s an efficiency level that no standard hot water heater can come close to. And with no stand-by heat loss, your energy savings will be even greater. The Navien NR-240A is a pricey unit, but you’ll start saving money the first time you turn on the tap! This top of the line from Navien – and that’s saying something – easily delivers up to 11 gallons per minute of continuous hot water. That’s enough to handle the steady demands of a busy household with up to 2.5 bathrooms where 3-4 hot water points are in use simultaneously. The mini buffer tank and circulation pump enhance performance and efficiency in every home. Includes a remote control!

Navien NR 210 Condensing Tankless Water Heater: This workhorse Navien tankless water heater uses natural gas and will deliver up to 10 gallons per minute of hot water for as long as it’s needed. The hot water is there on demand, heated with an outstanding 98% efficiency. That figure reduces energy consumption for heating water by over 60% in most homes where a traditional hot water heater is replaced. You’ll enjoy lower energy bills and better performance from the Navien NR-210. Installation is easy and the venting requires just one small hole in an exterior wall or the roof. This whole-house model costs more than others with similar capacity, but the energy savings and its durability make it a good value in the long-term. Remote control included!

Navien NR-180A Tankless Water Heater w/ Pump: This is a good choice for medium to large homes that demand plenty of continuous hot water. It offers dynamic efficiency of 98% with its condensing operation that makes the most out of your energy dollar. Like the entire Navien tankless water heater lineup, the Navien NR-180A is built to last from materials and parts of the highest caliber. You pay more for Navien but you get much more in terms of energy-cost savings and performance that will last. In the end, you just might pay less with one of these than you will if you have to replace a cheaper model instead. The Navien NR-180A delivers up to 10 gallons of hot water per minute and comes with a remote control for convenience.

Conclusion: When choosing the best is important to you, Navien tankless water heaters are among the first to consider. They offer the highest efficiencies in the industry which means you’ll save money every day on heating water. You will also dramatically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, providing a greener lifestyle with less impact on the environment. For home comfort, cost-savings and a conscientious approach to the environment, Navien tankless water heaters are unsurpassed.

Navien the tankless that lasts.

Remember: All tankless water heaters should be installed by a licensed professional. If you decide to DIY make sure to read your warranty as well as your local codes first. Don’t know where to start get free quotes from your area.



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