Navien NR/NP Series Tankless Water Heaters

Independent testing has shown that Navien makes some of the highest quality tankless water heaters available today.  The Navien NR/NP Series Tankless Water Heaters offer a high efficiency, durable solution for both residential needs and commercial applications.

The Navien NR series is geared for the residential user.  Each one is made using heavy duty stainless steel heat exchanger with fin-type design for maximum efficiency.  The condensing heat exchanger allows for increased thermal efficiencies up to 98% that allow you to get the absolute most out of every energy dollar.  Each has extra-thick pipe for stability and longevity and is crafted with an attention to detail that makes them a first choice among luxury brands of tankless water heaters.
The Navien NR tankless water heaters are sized to meet the demands of homes small, medium and large.  The NR 180 models offer up to 8.3 gallons per minute, more than sufficient for 2-3 outlets using hot water simultaneously.  Smaller homes, apartments, condominiums, cottages and cabins are ideal locations.  The NR 210 models deliver up to 10 GPM and the NR 240 tankless water heaters have a maximum capacity of 11 GPM for large homes.  For more helpful information, visit the user reviews page.

The Navien NP tankless water heaters are offered in the Navien NP240 and NP240A models, both with the capacity to deliver up to 11 GPM of continuous hot water.  They are also capable of higher water temperatures to meet the demands in commercial applications.  At 98% efficiency all of the Navien NR/NP Series Tankless Water Heaters are Energy Star rated and easily qualify for the current federal energy tax credit that is part of the stimulus package.  Along with these savings, Navien offers the best warranty in the business, with the heat exchangers covered for 15 years in residential settings and 10 years for commercial water heaters.  Look for quality Navien NR/NP Series Tankless Water Heaters for $1,400 to $1,975 and start saving on fuel bills while enjoying the best performance in the industry.



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