Bosch Therm C 1210 ES Tankless Water Heater

The Bosch Therm C 1210 ES is a powerful, 12.1 GPM super-efficient, tankless water heater. Built for large homes or light commercial settings, this workhorse is top of the line from Bosch. This Bosch Therm C 1210 ES review will give you details you can used to evaluate this model for yourself. Be sure to see our list of whole house tankless water heater reviews for similar models you can compare head to head with this one. Our goal is to help you research your next tankless water heater without having to jump from site to site.

The main features of the Bosch Therm C 1210 ES water heater include a dynamic 225,000 BTU maximum input burner that will keep a large volume of hot water flowing to 3-4 points of use at once. This volume makes it ideal for busy households or for commercial settings such as a small restaurant, church, office suite, school kitchen and more. It’s one of the few tankless water heaters on the market that can compete in capacity with the Takagi Mobius T-M50 and its 14.5 GPM capacity.

Designed for indoor installation and venting, it can also be installed outdoors with the addition of an accessory kit. You’ll cut down on installation expenses when installed outdoors, a choice worth considering in warm and mild climates. The 94% thermal efficiency means you’ll reduce energy use by up to 45% when you replace an older storage water heater with the Bosch Therm C 1210 ES condensing water heater. With a minimum flow rate of just .5 GPM, it’s ideal for use with water-saving low-flow bathroom fixtures.

This versatile water heater can be used for conventional hot water or included in a solar thermal or space heating system. It requires very little maintenance and is backed by Bosch with a 15-year warranty. If you choose the Bosch Therm C 1210 ES, you can expect to get more than 20 years of service from it. This model comes in both natural gas and liquid propane models.

There are few drawbacks to this unit, though it offers higher capacity than most homeowners require. If you’ve got a 1-2 bedroom home, consider spending less on a small Bosch tankless model such as the Therm 940 Series or Therm 660 Series tankless water heaters.

If you’re in the market for a large-capacity, highly-efficient tankless water heater, the Bosch Therm C 1210 ES water heater holds its own in quality and performance with other top-shelf water heaters from Rinnai, Navien, Rheem, Takagi and Noritz – all brands we review on our pages. This Bosch tankless water heater gets high marks from consumers, and if you put it in your home, it should meet or surpass your expectations.




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