Bosch AE125 PowerStar Electric Tankless

The Bosch AE125 PowerStar Electric Tankless water heater is a great choice for the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen when you want an endless supply of hot water delivered to two locations for complementary, not simultaneous, use.  Install one in the bathroom and you’ll never run out of hot water while taking a shower or using the sink.  In the kitchen, the dishwasher will get the hot water it requires to fully clean every piece within.

This quality, compact unit offers 94% efficiency so that you’ll realize significant energy savings over traditional tank-style electric water heaters.  It weighs in at just 22 pounds so installation can be handled with ease.  Its components are designed for durability.  The poly heating elements are tough and tested.  The internal flow temperature sensor insures a consistent output that alleviates the danger of burning or scalding.  For complete ease of use, the Bosch AE125 PowerStar Electric Tankless features an external temperature control so that you’ll always enjoy optimal warmth where you want it.  Total output at 115F is 3.0 gallons per minute, just right for sinks and laundry.  For 105F in the tub or shower you’ll have up to 3.7 GPM for your use.  For more helpful information, visit the user reviews section of a website.

The Bosch AE125 PowerStar is a good choice for homeowners who are remodeling and want an extra source of steady, reliable hot water for their new kitchen or bath.  It’s often used in home additions as well.  Wherever you employ it, you’ll enjoy a solid warranty from Bosch including 10 years on the heat exchanger that offers replacement of the entire unit if the exchanger fails and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.

You’ll find the Bosch AE125 model available for about $575 to $750 and you’ll start saving on your energy consumption immediately when it replaces an electric water storage unit.  Put the Bosch reputation to work in your home and experience reliable, endless hot water wherever you want it.



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