Bosch 2700 Aquastar Tankless Water Heater

Homeowners that want a high-capacity top-quality tankless water heater that can supply a steady flow of hot water to multiple locations at once often choose the Bosch 2700 Aquastar Tankless Water Heater.  It offers 7 gallons per minute on demand, enough to satisfy the needs of a large, active family taking showers, running laundry and doing dishes all at once.  All this functionality in a very compact unit that makes mounting it in tight places both possible and quickly done.  If you are remodeling the basement and want extra room, creating space in a utility closet, or adding a new addition, this unit is built to exceed expectations.  Builders and plumbing contractors choose Bosch for their new projects, too.

Inside the Bosch 2700 Aquastar Tankless Water Heater you’ll find the toughest parts in the industry.  The power vent offers the convenience of vertical or horizontal installation possible.  The electric ignition is instant and saves fuel by not having a pilot light burning gas 24/7, while the modulating gas valve only fires to the extent needed to produce the desired water temperature.  These features are just two reasons you’ll save up to 50% on energy costs – along with the fact that you won’t be heating a large tank of water whether it gets used or not.  Visit our user reviews for more helpful information.

Bosch stands behind the heavy-duty heat exchanger with a 12 year warranty, with all other parts covered with a 2-year warranty.  For extra convenience many customers add a wireless remote to the package to automate the operation or control it from a distance.  Find the Bosch 2700 for about a $1,000 from various sellers.  This unit is an outstanding choice for homes in all climates, whether existing or new.  Pick up a Bosch 2700 Aquastar Tankless Water Heater now since this Energy Star rated product qualifies for the federal residential energy tax credit currently in place.  That means 30% of your costs for both the unit and installation charges receive a dollar for dollar reduction of your taxes.  Just one more reason to choose Bosch.



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