Bosch 1600 AquaStar Tankless Water Heater

Bosch designs home appliances to meet a variety of demands, meeting the needs of households of all sizes.  The Bosch 1600 AquaStar Tankless Water Heater is a great unit for homes where on-demand hot water is simultaneously needed at multiple points.  Its 4.3 GPM maximum capacity is sufficient to handle the requirements of  2 heavy demand stations like showers or dishwashers, or 3 lighter use locations like sinks.  The design is rugged, yet compact and lightweight at just 33 pound.  Installation is quick and easy and can be done in any place a horizontal vent can be installed.  Choose the adapter kit for vertical venting and increase your installation options.

The Bosch 1600 AquaStar Tankless Water Heater uses a standing pilot for reliable firing every time.  The modulating gas valve releases only sufficient gas to heat the water to the desired temperature and offers up to 78% thermal efficiency on energy usage.  These features mean you’ll save up to 50% on your utility bills with this innovative appliance.  Never heat a large tank of water again – and reheat it when it cools off, whether you ever turn on the hot water tap or not.  That’s the beauty of tankless design.  Visit our user reviews for more helpful information.

Bosch provides a generous 12-year warranty on the heavy-gauge heat exchanger in this model and all other parts are covered by a 2-year warranty while 1 year is standard for the industry.  Bosch works to earn your confidence and stands behind every unit they produce.  The Bosch 1600 AquaStar Tankless Water Heater is an outstanding choice for all settings, whether a home remodeling job or a new construction project.  The Bosch line is one of the best-selling brands to homeowners, builders and plumbing contractors, and the Bosch 1600 is very affordable at under $600.



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