Tankless Energy Savings | How Much Can You Save Going Tankless?

There are many reasons for choosing a tankless water heater (a.k.a. an on-demand water heater) and one of the largest is the significant cost savings you will realize on your home energy bills. Continuous hot water on demand and more money in your pocket – that’s a winning combination you can enjoy while taking your […]

One Whole-House Tankless Water Heater Vs. Several Points of Use Units?

Whole House or Single Point Tankless Water Heater When homeowners decide to use tankless water heaters they typically want to know whether they should use a whole house tankless water heater or several point of use units, or zone units. The correct answer lies within the needs of each house and the family that occupies […]

Noritz NR98 Tankless Reviews

If you’ve got a medium or large sized home and want the cost savings and performance of a whole house tankless unit, the NR98 Tankless Water Heater will deliver.  Enjoy cost savings on your monthly fuel bill while realizing more savings through the energy tax credit.  The heat exchanger and piping have been redesigned by […]