6 Most Important Tankless Water Heater Features to Consider When Making a Purchase

If you are in the market for a tankless water heater, you will want to know what features deserve your attention. What should you look for when buying a tankless water heater? We at Tankless Guide think these  are the 6 most important tankless water heater features to consider. Tankless Hot Water Heater Fuel Source You’ve […]

Seattle Residence Get One Click Noritz Tankless Installation

If you live in the Seattle area. Noritz has created a one click tankless water heater program. You ca get a free upfront quote and then with a click Noritz will hook you up with a certified installer and you are all done. This is not a rebate program but it appears to be a […]

Should You Buy a Used Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Buying things used can save a lot of money and be a great value.  Other times buying used means buying someone else’s headache.  What about tankless water heaters? You see one listed for sale in the local paper and you wonder if it’s worth the risk.  Should you buy a used tankless water heater?  We […]

2011 Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit Guide

As with all things government the rules change quickly and not always for our best. On Dec. 17,2010 a new set of rules were put into affect regarding energy tax credits. We at Tankless Guide have tried to pull the highlights out of these changes to make it easier for our readers to find out […]

Top Rated Tankless Water Heaters 2011

American homeowners are being very cautious about spending money on what is considered to be a new approach to heating hot water. Although the tankless water heater has been around for decades in Europe it is still in its infancy in the USA. However as the going green message spreads we are seeing buyers spending […]

Tankless Water Heater In-line-Filter Cleaning

In our Tankless Guide  article cleaning your tankless water heater we showed you how to use vinegar to remove calcium and other minerals from your tankless  heater. There is another part of your tankless water heater that you should inspect and clean each time you do your annual vinegar bath tankless water heater cleaning. It […]

Can Tankless Water Heaters be Used in Areas with Hard Water?

I was recently asked about using a tankless water heater in a hard water area. In this Tankless Guide post, we take a look at hard water and your tankless water heater. Below is a simple process for determining whether or not you have a hard water situation and what you can do to reduce […]

What Power Source is Best for Your Tankless Water Heater?

At Tankless Guide we present many different tankless water heaters for you to review and compare. Whole house, indoor and outdoor, single point of use, gas and electric models. Which energy source you pick  depends on several factors. Make sure to ask yourself the following questions before you run out and buy that new tankless […]

What is Flow Rate, and Why is it Important to Tankless Owners?

At Tankless Guide we have received many e-mails asking about water flow rate. It is very important to understand this term. Flow rate can be used to describe several different things. Lets take a look at what those differences are and how they will affect your tankless purchase. The Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 […]