Best Mini Water Heater | Point of Use

The Tankless Guide is mostly dedicated to tankless water heaters however point of use mini water heaters have a great niche for user that need hot water fast but do not want the expense and time of setting up a whole house tankless hot water system. Point of Use Unlike a whole house or a […]

Rheem RTG95 Reviews

The Rheem RTG95 Tankless Water Heaters give plenty of options.  There are models for indoor that feature direct vent and outdoor models that run just as well of liquid propane as they do off natural gas, sporting fuel efficiencies of better than 90%.  This qualifies them for Energy Star rating and makes them eligible to […]

Rheem RTG84 Reviews

The Rheem RTG84 Tankless Water Heaters are compact in their design and make installation a breeze, even in crowded spaces.  If one isn’t enough, the EZ-Link connection allows you to quickly add a second unit, doubling capacity for a large home, commercial business or small apartment complex.  The heat exchanger is built to take the […]

Noritz NR71 Tankless Reviews

Greater durability and performance are the result in these units that are rated at the head of their class and are backed up by a solid warranty.  Noritz covers the heat exchanger for 12 years and everything else for 5, well above industry standards.  The default temperature is 120F but can be adjusted both for […]