Homebuilders tout benefits of green design

Homebuilders tout benefits of green design Posted: December 31, 2010 | 12:00 a.m. Updated: December 31, 2010 | 10:17 a.m. Nobody thinks about saving a rain forest as a result of “green building” techniques, but they might think about saving more than $1,000 a year on utility bills, a Las Vegas homebuilding executive said. Thus […]

Titan SCR4 N-210 Reviews

The SCR4 N-210 comes with Titan’s best warranty, 10 years on the heat exchanger and casing, and 1 year on everything else.  Titan is the choice of builders and plumbing contractors who are looking for a dependable and affordable tankless water heater for their jobs. Homeowners choose them in remodeling and new construction projects for […]

Noritz NR66 Tankless Reviews

The NR66 Tankless Water Heater is a popular choice in both remodeling/replacement and new construction projects.  DIY enthusiasts will find that installation can be done easily with a basic knowledge of plumbing and the right tools.   Noritz packs the NR66 with the technology and components to insure durable, reliable performance for years to come.  The […]

Bosch AE125 PowerStar Reviews

The Bosch AE125 PowerStar is a good choice for homeowners who are remodeling and want an extra source of steady, reliable hot water for their new kitchen or bath.  It’s often used in home additions as well.  Wherever you employ it, you’ll enjoy a solid warranty from Bosch including 10 years on the heat exchanger […]

Bosch 2700 Aquastar Reviews

The Bosch 2700 Aquastar Tankless Water Heater offers 7 gallons per minute on demand, enough to satisfy the needs of a large, active family taking showers, running laundry and doing dishes all at once.  All this functionality in a very compact unit that makes mounting it in tight places both possible and quickly done.  If […]