Calculating Savings of a Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

Point of use tankless hot water heaters that are installed under the sink or other point of application are true energy misers. They eliminate the standby heat loss that occurs when heated water cools off in a tanked water heater or in pipes running from the heater to faucets around the house. Tankless Guide set […]

Best Mini Water Heater | Point of Use

The Tankless Guide is mostly dedicated to tankless water heaters however point of use mini water heaters have a great niche for user that need hot water fast but do not want the expense and time of setting up a whole house tankless hot water system. Point of Use Unlike a whole house or a […]

Best Tankless Water Heater | Compact Electric Point of Use

In the ongoing effort to bring you more information and better deals on tankless water heaters. We do once in awhile run across units that are standouts in their class. Whether you are looking for a whole house tankless heater or a single point style like the Rheem tankless water heater we discuss in this […]

Rheem H95 Direct Vent Indoor Reviews

The Rheem Prestige is the newest line of tankless heaters for 2011. This H95 indoor model promises to be one of the most popular models yet. With this large 9.5 gallon capacity this Rheem will keep your whole family in hot water. As far as money savings. The Reem H95 boasts a energy factor of […]

4 Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Heaters!

There are many benefits of tankless water heaters for your home or business. Not only will you have hot water on demand, you should consider all of the other benefits that come with the purchase of a Tankless water heater. 4 Main Benefits of Tankless Money and Energy Saving Benefits of Tankless To keep the water […]

Titan SCR4 N-210 Reviews

The SCR4 N-210 comes with Titan’s best warranty, 10 years on the heat exchanger and casing, and 1 year on everything else.  Titan is the choice of builders and plumbing contractors who are looking for a dependable and affordable tankless water heater for their jobs. Homeowners choose them in remodeling and new construction projects for […]

Rinnai V53i Reviews

Rinnai V53i boasts a capacity of 5.3 gallons of hot water per minute, sufficient to multitask in your home.  Run laundry while someone else is taking a shower and no one will experience a chilly moment.  This unit is amazingly lightweight and compact so installation is simple, while saving space in any type of home, […]

Rheem RTG84 Reviews

The Rheem RTG84 Tankless Water Heaters are compact in their design and make installation a breeze, even in crowded spaces.  If one isn’t enough, the EZ-Link connection allows you to quickly add a second unit, doubling capacity for a large home, commercial business or small apartment complex.  The heat exchanger is built to take the […]

Bosch 2700 Aquastar Reviews

The Bosch 2700 Aquastar Tankless Water Heater offers 7 gallons per minute on demand, enough to satisfy the needs of a large, active family taking showers, running laundry and doing dishes all at once.  All this functionality in a very compact unit that makes mounting it in tight places both possible and quickly done.  If […]

Bosch 1600 AquaStar Reviews

The Bosch 1600 AquaStar Tankless Water Heater is a great unit for homes where on-demand hot water is simultaneously needed at multiple points.  Its 4.3 GPM maximum capacity is sufficient to handle the requirements of  2 heavy demand stations like showers or dishwashers, or 3 lighter use locations like sinks.  The design is rugged, yet […]