Top Rated Tankless Water Heaters 2011

American homeowners are being very cautious about spending money on what is considered to be a new approach to heating hot water. Although the tankless water heater has been around for decades in Europe it is still in its infancy in the USA. However as the going green message spreads we are seeing buyers spending […]

Best Mini Water Heater | Point of Use

The Tankless Guide is mostly dedicated to tankless water heaters however point of use mini water heaters have a great niche for user that need hot water fast but do not want the expense and time of setting up a whole house tankless hot water system. Point of Use Unlike a whole house or a […]

Best Tankless Water Heater | Compact Electric Point of Use

In the ongoing effort to bring you more information and better deals on tankless water heaters. We do once in awhile run across units that are standouts in their class. Whether you are looking for a whole house tankless heater or a single point style like the Rheem tankless water heater we discuss in this […]

Tankless Ratings | Who Makes the Best Tankless Water Heater?

Closing out 2010, one of the most glaring stats we gathered from the tankless heater reviews pages, were that people don’t always like the most popular tankless water heater models! In fact, the top rated tankless water heaters were nowhere near what we originally thought would make the list. Thank you to everyone who submitted […]