Titan SCR4 N-210 Reviews

The SCR4 N-210 comes with Titan’s best warranty, 10 years on the heat exchanger and casing, and 1 year on everything else.  Titan is the choice of builders and plumbing contractors who are looking for a dependable and affordable tankless water heater for their jobs.

Homeowners choose them in remodeling and new construction projects for the same reasons. The 12-pound unit compact and streamlined at just 11.5 x 10.5 x 3.  It installs easily into a utility closet or under any sink in the house

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11 Responses to “Titan SCR4 N-210 Reviews”
  1. waterboy says:

    My old 50 gallon water heater ruptured in the middle of the night. We required a speedy alternative and made the decision to give the Titan SCR4 N210 a try out. It was reasonably priced at about $500 which include shipping. The merchant cautioned me to make sure you put a good inline filter ahead of the device in order to avoid damaging the flow switch. He also suggested I use six gauge wire and copper pipe. Following the directions it took about 6 hours to install. I ran cold water for about 10 minutes before firing up the unit. I had great hot water imediatly. It has worked great for the last year.

  2. Jim RIng says:

    I have been using the The SCR4 N-210 for almost a year. It has done all it is supposed to do. If I have one complaint the heater does not save me the energy I had hoped for. I did not see any dramatic change in my monthly bill. Other then that the unit has been very dependable.

  3. Burt Ericson says:

    I bought the N-210 after my wife pressured me cause our hot water would always run out when filling the tub. I gave in. After a tough installation (has two electrical connections) I finally got it working. It has been a blessing. Endless hot water, lower electric bill and we were able to put the lawn mower and garden equipment where the old tank was so it save space big time.
    Our electric bill is about 20 dollars less and the wife is happy which is most important. She actually says her hair is softer but not sure about that. I hear tanks have a lot of sediment and rust in them so maybe its true.
    We got it at Titantankless.com and it came in two days and we haven’t looked back.
    The moral of the story is that endless hot water makes the wife happy and keeps her taking baths and showers all the time so I can watch football. Go Titan!!

    • DaveT says:

      Burt: First off you are a very smart man. If the wife ain’t happy nobody happy. We have received lots of good input on the Titan brand tankless heater. I have never heard of softer hair. Now that is one value worth checking into. If anyone else has noticed side benefits let us know.

  4. MaryAnn Hicks says:

    We purchased the TITAN 210 to upgrade from the TITAN 120 due to remodeling. The breakers in the unit itself trip at least every other day. The company we purchased from stated the breakers are very sensitive and trip easily to prevent damage to the unit, blaming it on power surges. They explained how to reset the unit and promised it would not void the warranty. They walked us through the process over the phone until confirming that we had hot water. The unit CONTINUES to trip almost daily .It is very aggravating to get up at 4am and have to take the unit apart then reset the breaker to get a shower. It does not perform as advertised very unhappy with this purchase. Curently awaiting company response.

    • DaveT says:

      I agree with you that this sounds like a defective unit. You should be able to pick up a meter at your hardware store that will verify if yu have power surges. Make sure to also keep the pressure on with Titan as well as the location you purchased your unit from. Please let us know if you get any satisfaction about this matter

  5. Mike says:

    I am on my third fix in just over a couple of months. The first heater worked well for about a month. I sent it back because it started popping and arcing internally when on. They said it was a problem with “power surges” mind you we have had none and none of our other appliances, pc’s, lab top, stereos, etc have been affected. By the way I have whole house surge protection.I received a replacement and after a couple of weeks installed it for it to work only momentarily then refuse to power on. I contacted the service dept and was told that it had to be something on my end. I pulled out the amprobe and checked power supply and voltages while tech was on the phone and we determined it was a “bad board”. I was sent a new board, installed the new board, the unit worked for a few minutes, the display flashed and showed 240 volts, flashed again and showed 114 volts, then refused to power up again. Apparently there is something wrong with these units and the quality control in their manufacturing process or materials.

    • DaveT says:

      Mike: Thank you for your input. I have not heard of anyone else having as much trouble as you had experienced. It seems that you have a good deal of technical ability. I don’t think most folks would be able to do system checks to the degree you have. I would appreciate if you would continue to keep us up tp date on your situation and how Titan works with you,


      • Melinda says:

        It worked fine for about a month then started popping the little red buttons on the inside that you have to take the cover off (voiding the warranty) to reset. Had to reset those every couple of weeks for about a year then it started working fine for the next two years till I started finding water dripping from the heater. Took the cover off to find that the heater tube on the left side had warped out of position and the threads that hold the heater element in are failing allowing water to leak out. It has a ten year warranty but that is voided when it has failed and you need to open it up to reset the red buttons on the inside. I do not have power spikes here, using a Bosch water heater on the other side of the house and it’s worked fine from day one. I will be replacing this Titan SCR4, N210 with a Bosch.

  6. ROY L CHILDS says:

    We have had our SCR4 N-210 for about 6 or 7 years and we love it. It was working great until this past week when it stopped heating. We have never had to reset it before and we do not know how. We have turned off our main switch and still does not turn back on. How do we restore power to it? Your recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you

  7. David Eiglarsh says:

    I’m om my 2nd one (Titan SCR4). It’s broken too. Garbage!

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