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The SCR4 N-180 Tankless Hot Water Heater delivers up to 5.0 GPM of hot water without interruption.  That makes it the right size to use as a whole house water heater where 1-3 outlets may be used at once or in a point of use capacity to keep hot water flowing to a Jacuzzi or large-capacity dishwasher or carpet cleaning system.  This versatility has made the Titan brand a popular one among home builders, plumbing contractors, owners of rental properties and homeowners who want affordable, reliable hot water.

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  1. MK says:

    We have had this Titan SCR4 N-180 for almost a year. When it works it is great. Plenty of hot water for all our needs are multi-point usage. However like all good things when this unit is bad it is awful. The service department even though polite are very very slow in repairs. I have had to send the unit back twice and each time took me at least 10 days to fix. I wish they had an exchange program or something.

    • Morgan says:

      MK I agree totally. Our unit worked great for about seven months or so then is started to fall apart. even with the warranty in place getting the service people to help was almost impossible. When replacement parts came they failed also. I ended up going back to a tank model but I do plan on trying tankless again but maybe on a smaller scale like a bathroom.

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