Titan SCR2 N-100 Reviews

The SCR2 N-100 Tankless Hot Water Heater feature heavy-duty brass casing and copper pipes.  It is designed not to leak or rupture, and all internal parts are corrosion-resistant.  The heat exchanger is built to last and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.  It allows you to do away with the inefficient, wasteful tank-style hot water heater and never heat and reheat water again that doesn’t get used.

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2 Responses to “Titan SCR2 N-100 Reviews”
  1. William says:

    I bought two of these units. The first went dead one month after the warranty did. I bought a third and now the second is dying. The service department when I could reach them were of no help. To add the final insult my electric bill rose after I installed these efficient heaters. I like the idea of the tankless system but would recommend looking at a different brand.

  2. Richard Thompson says:

    Do not buy the Titan SCR2 N-100. It is unreliable and the service department sucks. Other brands I am sure will work better but this model needs to be scraped.

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