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The Rinnai RC80HPi offers up to 8 gallons per minute of on-demand hot water, suitable for medium to large homes where hot water is often being used at more than one outlet.  It will keep pace with laundry demands, the dishwasher, and all of the other uses required in a large family.  The Rinnai RC80HPi Tankless Water Heater is a favorite among home owners with heavy demand for hot water, builders who want only the top brands in the homes they put together, and business owners with a need for a steady supply of very hot water.

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  1. Sam says:

    Once I had this tankless installed, there was a HUGE difference in my gas bill. My typical bill was about $150 and now it is down to no more than $50. It was a bit pricey to purchase, but I will make up the difference in less than a year. Highly recommend!

  2. Joan Biglow says:

    My husband bought me one of these for my birthday. I wasn’t sure if I should hit him or hug him. After the plumber installed it in our bathroom I knew he deserved a hug. It has been great getting hot water almost instantly and never run out. This unit is designed for a house but we have a large bathroom with two sinks and a very large spa tub. I am glad we went with the larger unit.

  3. Shawn Ab says:

    One week old and love it, no wait for hot water and steady fresh supply

  4. Patty Cooper says:

    My heater was installed outside which gave me more space in the garage. Love it! My only issue is that when the outside temp. goes below 23 degrees, I have no hot water. I haven’t found the best way to insulate it from the elements but I’ve tried different things. Any body have a solution for that?

  5. Connie Lotfi says:

    Just built a home and I wanted a tankless water heater. I had them put it in the garage because I wanted to keep it warmer than in the crawl space. It takes forever to get hot water in the kitchen, main bath, half bath, laundry room etc.(one story house). The only bath in the house that receives hot water quickly is the master bath, which is next to the garage. So beware. I’ve had the builder to the house and complained the amount of time it takes to get hot water in rooms other than the master bathroom, and he just shakes his head and has not answer – other than it takes time to get the hot water to other rooms…over 2-3 minutes my water is running to get tap warm water from the tankless water heater. Water pressure is another problem.

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