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If you’ve got a medium or large sized home and want the cost savings and performance of a whole house tankless unit, the NR98 Tankless Water Heater will deliver.  Enjoy cost savings on your monthly fuel bill while realizing more savings through the energy tax credit.  The heat exchanger and piping have been redesigned by Noritz for greater durability and higher performance, and are backed up by a 12-year warranty on the exchanger and 5 years on all other parts.

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  1. Lee says:

    We have a large house with three bathrooms. In the summertime the Noritz does a good job handling all of our needs. As the weather turns colder and the outside water temperature drops we have found this unit has to work very hard to keep up and sometimes it is not able to. We are looking at a holding or tempering tank to help with this problem. 45 degree temperature rise sounds like a lot but if you have water coming in at 50 degrees you only have 90 degrees at the tap. Overall this is a great unit and worth the extra money.

  2. Glenn Farber says:

    I was sold a NR 98 in Sept 2010. I cleaned (descaled) yearly per manufactures instruction. Had to replace it in January, 2019. The distributor who sold it said it failed due to hard water. Replaced it with a 981 model which supposedly has a 12 year warranty and cost me $2200. Invoice has a statement that I acknowledge that after a water test for hardness and/or dissolved solids exceeds thankless maximum recommendation for proper operation. No test was ever made and I did not sign acknowledgement. I presume this would relieve manufacture of the 12 year warranty. I am very disappointed that original failed in 9 years and was told by owner of company that he had a sister who had a unit for 30 years (with soft water). In 30 years I could have replaced a tank water heater 4 times at a lesser cost!

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