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Greater durability and performance are the result in these units that are rated at the head of their class and are backed up by a solid warranty.  Noritz covers the heat exchanger for 12 years and everything else for 5, well above industry standards.  The default temperature is 120F but can be adjusted both for use in homes and commercial settings.  The lock-out protects you and your family from accidental burns if the temperature rises or is set too high.  The Noritz NR71 Tankless Water Heater delivers up to 7.1 GPM to an entire home, suitable for small or medium-sized homes with 1-2.5 bathrooms.  It is Energy Star rated and it qualifies for the stimulus package home energy tax credit equal to 30% of costs.

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  1. Billy G says:

    I chose the Noritz NR71 because of its ratings for a smaller home. I am using this tankless unit in my cabin. I like the tankless feature because it makes it makes “buttoning up” the cabin for the winter much easier when not having to deal with the old large tank style water heater. Energy costs are very high in our rural area and I found a substantial savings when I switch to tankless. I am not sure how well these units work in large homes but for small cabins they work great

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