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The Navien NR series is geared for the residential user.  Each one is made using heavy duty stainless steel heat exchanger with fin-type design for maximum efficiency.  The condensing heat exchanger allows for increased thermal efficiencies up to 98% that allow you to get the absolute most out of every energy dollar. Navien offers the best warranty in the business, with the heat exchangers covered for 15 years in residential settings and 10 years for commercial water heaters.

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  1. Eric Johns says:

    When I first bought this unit. I it was the biggest mistake I had ever made. We never had enough hot water, not even enough for a shower and a sink running at the same time. I called the service department and they helped me solve the problem easily. You must make sure your gas line coming into the unit is big enough.(at least 1″). Second and most important is check with your local natural gas supplier and find out what your meter is rated for. Most gas meters are rated to handle 250,000BTU. This is not large enough to handle the Navien and a furnace or or gas drawing unit at the same time. If you call your gas supplier they most likely can change out your meter to handle the increase flow needed. Mine did it for free. Once I had those two things fixed my system runs great. Plenty of hot water all the time.

  2. I used the governments Energy Star website to do the majority of my research. I used google and came up with mixed reviews, especially as it relates to the Navien CR-line of tankless. The new NR/NP products hit the criteria for me. I ended up replacing an old AO Smith 40GAL tank with a Navien NR-210A about 2 months ago. We couldn’t be happier. Read about the “A” designation and the recirculation pump and .5GAL mini buffer tank. Great idea! No issues. Our “stand-up” test was this recently: it’s 20degrees outside, run the washer, dishwasher and take a shower. Aside from a bit of pressure loss at the shower (the only think we could measure), worked perfectly. Excellent product so far. Now, if Navien had a product that would limit my teenager from ultra-long showers…

    • ImpliedConsent says:

      Just giving an update from over here in Afghanistan. I was able to clearly flush/clean the NR-210A no issues, right before I deployed. I used the information from this site to jog my memory (How to Clean a Tankless Water Heater).
      My wife just asked me about it and I told her that I cleaned it about 3months ago. She wanted to learn how to do it as well. Since I had already bought everything and all the lines were clearly marked, I again pointed her to this site for a step-by-step.
      Success – funny – now she wants to be the one charging 100.00 trip visits to clean tankless water heaters ‘cuz it was so easy. XD
      Thanks again Dave!

      • DaveT says:

        Michael: First off thank you for your service. Second thank you for taking the time to write. I am glad the Bride has taken charge of the task. Like many things cleaning a tankless water heater sounds scary till you have done it. I am sure your comments will help others to jump in and give it a try. It will reduce the wear and tear on your heater for sure.

  3. Mike says:

    My Navien works great. I have had no problems with it at all. I recommend this to all my friends. If I had to find one negative ti would be simply that it does not save me as much as I had hoped it would monthly on my energy bill.

  4. tim says:

    At low flow no hot water, Hot water must be turned on all the way (full open) for unit to turn on. try that in the shower, Tech people from Navien no help and VP no help must be a plumber to get attiontion. unit 1st in line, meter right size, gas lines 3/4in, heat with wood so no other draw on gas. water pressure with regulator at 45 lb, any higher check valve opens.

    • Dave says:

      Tim- I did some checking and it may turn out to be that you have a model that will not handle the reduced flow rate. Navien does have a model that has a built in buffer tank that they say has no minimum flow rate. This link is to a PDF produced by Navien Model Condensing 98. It may give you a place to start to possible negotiate an exchange for this type of unit from the one you now have..

    • Gil Sandberg says:

      I had my combi unit for 4 years. I just spent time resolving a hot water problem. The problem was scale buildup in the unit. I had to replace the flow switch. Now a trickle of water starts the unit. Nobody ever told me to clean the unit every year with white vinegar. Search internet “how to remove scale from tankless heater”. I will know more in a couple of years if this fixes the scale buildup problem.

  5. Beverly says:

    Navien CR-240A-NG Not reliable, after $3,000 plus out of my pocket. Will be replacing with a conventional hot water tank. Our plumber believes the technicians are reading out of a manual, it is check this then that. Everything they tell us to do to maintain the tank has been followed. Never know when we will have hot water. Have asked to return the tank and be reimbursed for the unused time on the warranty. They will not respond. Technicians say they don” have the authority. Would not refer anyone to this company, the public relations is terrible.

    • ImpliedConsent says:

      In all due respect, the poor rating for your Navien CR-Series should not be counted against the Navien NR-Series. After much research, I found that the NR-Series is a massive update for all the CR-Series tankless. The NR-Series has only been in service since October 2009. What I have found on the bad reviews of the CR-Series is mainly how it was installed. If you have a bad installation, which includes: verifying the required gas line (1″ main if you have a gas furnace; 3/4″ main if not – tankless “should” be the first in the gas line); 3/4″ hot/cold water inlet and minimum water pressure of 15PSI, 150PSI max. If you have gas, then get with your gas company and verify that your meter can handle the additional draw of your CR240A. Since you have the “A” model, you should also check to see if the installer has actually switched on your internal recirculation option. I believe, by default, it is off. You don’t say how long you have owned the product; however, my installer warranties their work for 2yrs parts/labor, and that’s who I would call. I would say I’m a bit dismayed at Navien’s responses that you’ve described. I haven’t had an opportunity to call them (fingers X’d) so I cannot comment. Maybe you can actually describe your symptoms and let some of the professionals here try to diagnose. Just a thought. Good luck.

  6. David says:

    After research and plumber recommendations, my plumber installed an NR 210A about 6 months ago. So far the heater has been trouble free and does a good job of holding steady temperature during showers. I had an optional return recirculation loop installed to keep constant hot water available to the dishwasher (kitchen is at opposite end of house) The external loop is insulated, but it does have significant heat loss, so we only leave the loop on when hot water is needed in the kitchen. Without the recirculation pump, hot water is typically about 60 seconds longer to reach full temperature than a standard tank WH. The “A” series can also can be set up to run an internal recirculation loop which would provide instant hot water at the heater like a tank, but that would reduce much of the savings benefit of a tankless heater. My energy savings seems to be on the order of 6 to 8 therms per month-just over a standard gas model, just as the energy guide calls for. We did experience a slight pressure drop with the navien, but it is only noticeable when hot water is being used at more than one facet at a time. Electricity usage averages about 12 kwh per month, but would be higher if the recirculation pump was used more. Overall energy savings of $60 to $100 per year is certainly possible, but the fact that you can never “use up” all of the hot water could actually wind up increasing hot water usage if you have teenagers who take those seemingly never ending showers…. If the electricity goes off, you have NO hot water, however the low electrical demand will allow the use of a computer UPC to power the unit for short term power outages. The installed costs of the these heaters are high, and payback can be very long, so they are not for everybody. Do your homework before you jump. If you plan to be in your home 10 years or more, it can pay off.

    • Dave says:

      David- Great information on the recirculation pump. I am glad to see that your therm saving (50-150 kWh per month) is in line with guidelines. What kind of temperature rise are you needing in your area of the country. I have been getting more and more emails about the concern from folks in the northern states about how much temperature rise they need to produce and if these units can handle the rise required.

      • David says:

        Dave, My NR-210A is set at 120 degrees. It seems to hold that very closely. During the coldest part of the winter my incoming I did a test with the incoming water at 45 degrees: Our showers have a flow rate of 1.5 gpm.(low water pressure with low flow heads) With 2 showers running at full hot (3gpm), the btu input to the heater is about 115,000 btu, well below its 180,000 max rating. I did this same test late August with the incoming water about 68 degrees and the btu input was only about 60,000, about 1/3 of capacity. The flow rate was measured by the time to fill a one gallon bucket and the btu input was measured by clocking the gas meter with no other gas being used. I have not tested at higher flow rates. My guess is that if someone is not getting enough temperature rise they should have installer check temperatures and water flow rate and measure btu input to confirm heater is getting the gas pressure and volume it needs for the btu requirement.

        • DaveT says:

          David: You most certainly have done your homework. I live in northern MN so I know abut cold water. we fish on it. did you find it necessary to change your gas meter or the incoming pipe size. i have been reading where some folks who thought they had bad units in fact had under sized meters.

  7. DaveT says:

    I recently received a e-mail from Michael and he asked about the Navien 240 series. Our conversation was as follows. I hope this will bring some more input from our readers.

    I had a Navien water heater installed this week and was wondering if it
    normal for the water pressure to be reduced with your product. Can it be
    adjusted? Would a pump help?

    Thanks for your help

    DaveT- Michael: Thank you for your note. I have heard of water flow loss in many different brands of tankless heaters. The solution is unfortunately as varied as the number of makers. You did not indicate which model Navien you have. It may be as simple as cleaning the aerators and screens on your faucets to increasing the pipe size to the tank. I did some research and I found a web site that may give you some answers. It at least will give you some connection to Navien customer service. Please keep in touch and let me know if they are able to get help with your problem.
    The site I referred to is

    Michael-I just spoke with tech support at Navien and they advised me that a 20% drop in pressure is not unusual. They advised me that we need to measure the pressure coming into the house and exiting the Navien, and if its greater than 20%, then a booster pump may be the solution.

    DaveT-I am glad to hear that the support folks were able to at least give you some ideas. When I needed to check the water pressure in my house. I went to my city water and gas dept. They were able to give me a pressure gauge that hook right in behind the meter. I believe that most plumbers would have one also. I cant wait to hear what you find the difference to be.

    Michael-My HVAC company that just installed new heat pumps, furnaces and the Navien will swing by in a week to evaluate it. Will let you know.

    It will be interesting to hear what Michael learns from the tests. Have any of you noticed water pressure or flow reduction if so what did y0u do to solve it?

    • DaveT says:

      I just got an update from Michael. He informed me as follows. “I had our HVAC company return to my house to evaluate the pressure issue. The solution that they came up with after consulting with Navien was to install a booster pump. It has not been done yet, but should take place soon. “. We will get into booster pumps in upcoming articles. I cant wait to hear the results from Michael. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  8. Jeff says:

    I just installed mine last week. So far works great. Post I’ve read seems like installers are not doing such a great job. Still testing performance. Will update after done.

    • DaveT says:

      Jeff: Thanks for the comment. Maybe you could tell use more about your install project. Did you do it alone or with a pro?

  9. Craig P says:

    We installed a Navien CR-240A in January 20011. In December 2011 the check valve failed and I had to pay a plumber to repair it. In 2012 it failed when a leaf clogged the air filter. In 2013 the flow sensor failed and it cost me $160 for the plumber, and we were without hot water for 4 days while the part was shipped. I emailed Navien to complain about the poor reliability and they responded that it works very well when maintained. No it doesn’t, if fails regularly and that is not my definition of working well.

  10. My installer replaced my Navien 3 times, 3 new units before getting one that I would not have to reset each day, but before getting that 3rd “correct functioning” unit, I and my installer had to argue with the sales rep that I did have my gasline sized correctly. The sales rep kept telling us that when I installed my gasline(1″ line) it was not large enough for the distance to the unit. After much arguing and having my gas company techs meet with the sales reps and their techs, one being a teacher of gas installations, to test my gasline. It was determined that I did correctly size my gasline. It was determined that the first 2 Navien installs were with a unit that the sales reps new had problems, but said it was my gasline that was the problem. Only when they went to a better Navien (model ch-210) did it start correctly working and has not kicked off once. Although now its so noisy that its almost unbearable. My installer said its the Cellonoids making the noise, but it doesn’t help the fact that it sounds like a hammer hitting the wall in my mechanical room. I don’t recommend this unit unless you have a sound proof room to install it in.

  11. Lee Kooistra says:

    We’ve had our NA-210A now for 2 yrs 3 months. Love it. The noise is no louder than our furnace or washing machine. Have noticed a drop in hot water temperature this winter (one of the coldest we’ve had in a number of years).It’s not bad enough to make me concerned but, hearing about the gas meter required will prompt me to call the gas company. That’s a new one to me. Nothing is said about this in the manual. We had ours professionally installed. I went with this heater after quite a bit of research on them. The biggest reason I went to a tankless was because of room. We had completely renovated our cottage so it is now our retirement home. To date, it seems to be one of the better investments I’ve made. Time will tell.

  12. gary says:

    I bought a naviene ch180 $4500 installed and its a piece of junk. sprung a leak internally might i add in the three way valve behind the circulation pump. $400 plumbing bill, 2 months later same spot got a gusher. my bill $400 i tell the plumber no way and ill buy a different brand because navien america does not stand behind there products. this was a 2 yr old machine. Matt at naviene america says he will replace the part and that it must have been installed improperly. i wanted to start laughing at this typical statement. then it was well the plumber must have nick’d the O ring. well i was thinking yeah your right jerk when it was assembled at your factory. never buying or recommending anything from this kangaroo court outfit again. what a bunch of crap these guys. i insisted they come take the machine out of my house and refund and he says well i would like to try and repair it first. again thinking to myself well why would i want another 2 months or even years to go by wondering when the thing was going to leak all over my floor again?. absolutely horrible customer service and horrible junk machine. my plumber has been in business for 30 years, he has installed plenty of boilers and tank less machines he reads the instructions and is very qualified to do this install and do it correctly.

  13. Dorothy says:

    I can’t imagine going back to a big 50-gal hot water tank and running out of hot water on a daily basis. The Navien NPE-240A is QUIET, efficient, and cost less than $3,000 to have installed by a certified installer in my area! King County, WA (Average bids-quotes = $3,000 – $5,000) I did my research multiple times before making the BIG plunge & having the Navien NPE-240A Natural Gas unit installed 2-months ago. (The newest-latest series) During my research, i found so much bad press reviews … noisy or un-reliable problems. I even had a bid-quote from a Rinnai tankless installer bad-mouth the Navien tankless units. So i decided to only invite quotes from installers of multiple different tankless brands. What a difference! NO bad-mouth comments against Navien. I have had the EXTERNAL RINNAI – R85 unit on my home for the past 7 yrs and LOVED it. Down side – had to wait 1-2 minutes for hot water to reach the core of the home where all the water usage happens. During the laundry/bathroom remodel project, we decided to see if we could move the hot water unit back to the core of the home and eliminate all the cold water waste time. INTERNAL Rinnai’s have proprietary venting pipe, making them more expensive to install. INTERNAL Navien units use plastic venting pipe, making them more affordable. Tankless units have come a LONG WAYS in the past 8 years.

    I read reviews that say the Navien is NOISY. I CANNOT HEAR MY UNIT. IT IS SILENT! I’m wondering if the noise is part of the re-circulation unit? Or – BAD INSTALL ??? OR – OLDER UNITS ???

    • DaveT says:

      Dorothy: Thank you for the great review. It is one of the most complete I have seen sent to my site. I hope that the information you have provided will be helpful to our others readers. Thank you again


      • Robert Thompson says:

        I can’t recommend this waterheater, not after what I went thru with them. I paid $3,400 plus install fee for mine, but had problems immediately after. My unit had to be replaced 3 times before finding their problem. The manufacturer kept saying it was my gasline size(my fault), until they finally had an expert gas person, a teacher of propane come in and assess it. He along with the manufacturers sales rep did tests on my gasline and found it to be the right size, not a problem on my side. The sales rep was still not completely convinced, but they finally admitted that they had been having problems with that model of Navian and after the gas expert made his findings, they replace my unit with the next model up and that took care of the problem. It worked good after that until the coldest days of winter, then the exhaust pipe started freezing up on the roof. I had to get up on the roof and break the ice off the exhaust pipe in freezing weather and take the front off the unit so that warm air could get to it. Once I did that it ran OK. But I shouldn’t have to do any of that. I just had the installer out to clean the unit and discussed options with him to remody the ice on the exhaust. I asked him if I put a tee on the roof for the exhaust to see if that keeps it from freezing might help and he said it couldn’t hurt. So, before the next winter I plan on putting a tee in place for the exhaust pipe on the roof. You wouldn’t think that I should have to do this, but who else is going to get this right?

        • Dorothy says:

          I’m wondering what model Robert paid $3,400 to have installed that has been giving him grief. ??? Model numbers make ALL the difference when comparing great performace or problems. Later models of tankless units have been designed to fix problems the older units had.

          • Robert Thompson says:

            In response to the question, what model did I have and was it an older unit. No, it was not an older unit, my house is new, we’ve only lived in it 1 year this month. The installer worked on this unit off and on, being my house was not completed, for over a year. I found out thru this process that the unit they installed was the cheapest model that Navian puts out, we(the installer and I) found out later that Navian was having problems with this model, but was not telling people that. The Navian sales rep did not tell us this until we found out thru other sources that this model had problems, the sales rep just kept blaming it all on the size of my gasline that I had ran, which was 1″. He even suggested I take out part of my gasline and put in 5′ of even bigger gasline. Even my installer said it was not the gasline, but the sales rep even brought in their expert that leaned toward it being my problem, but after the expert propane person was brought in and did all his tests, he said my gasline was fine. This person even teachs all aspects of propane. After this, the sales rep finally agreed to put in a new unit(this was unit #3), but said if this didn’t take care of the problem I would have to pay for this additional unit. This new unit was one model up from the low end unit that was originally installed. Once it was installed, the new units problems disappeared. The sales rep finally said the original unit(low end unit) had some issues and the gas valve was the problem, but bottom line I should not have to go thru all that. I shouldn’t have to look up on the internet past problems with this unit, they should have told us at the beginning about the issues. The only problem I’m having now is the exhaust pipe coming out of the roof will freeze up on real cold nights and cause the unit to turn off. After I checked out the problem I found an chunk of ice had formed on the exhaust pipe blocking it. I’m not sure yet how to remedy this, so I’m going to try to put a tee on the roof exhaust pipe with two 90 degree pipes on it and see if that helps with the problem. I’m still not comfortable leaving town with this unit, being it heats the infloor heating system for my home.

  14. Diane says:

    Just completed a major remodel. The contractor installed one of your tankless wager heaters outside. Works great with one exception….when the power goes out it has to be reset. Having to go outside on cold dark rainy nights to reset a water heater seems wrong. What am I missing?

    • Tracy M. says:

      All you are missing is a small UPS system (Uninterruptable power supply).

      I had an NPE-240A installed 3 months ago. Kitchen sink takes 90 seconds to get hot water. Low flow faucet may be reason that at times we don’t get hot water.
      Hired plumber to come back and pipe in recirculating loop for internal recirculating pump. We set the DIP switches correctly (1, 3-10 off, 2 on) but pump won’t run. Also closed the 2-way valve per instructions.
      I dunno…

  15. Nancy says:

    I had a Navien tankless installed over 4 years ago when I remolded my kitchen/laundry area. I chose tankless to save room in the laundry room and of course save money on the gas bill as well. I have not truly analyzed the gas savings and my gas bill has not been reduced. I have a small 3 bedroom/2 bath home so I only needed the smaller unit, I think the model is NR210. I did not have any problems other than it took longer for hot water in the shower at the opposite end of the house, I didnt opt for the recirculation pump because I was already spending a lot $ on the remodel and had to install a new gas line to accomadate the unit. I started noticing slight temperature fluxuations about 4 months ago then in late November this year it just quit working and displayed a error code. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it started working again. I knew it would probably happen again and it did right before Christmas. I called a recommeded plumber on the Navien web site who came out and determined the air filter was dirty, cleaned it and charged me $164. He mentioned that I should get them to do a flush at 5 years but it wasn’t necessary right now. It worked for 4 days until the same thing happened. The plumber came back and did a full diagnosis with Navien. They identified a bad part that has something to do with the air pressure needed to be replaced, it was covered under waranty but not the labor to install it. Since the part had to be ordered, a different person from the same plumbing company installed the new part and said the flush really should be done ever 2-3 years at $375. If that is the case I dont see how anyone could ever see any cost savings on energy unless they had a house full of teenagers. Now I am out over $500 and will need to do the flush in the next few months. I could have bought a new regular tank water heater for that much money. He did mention the new models have fewer issues and that Navien WH are better than Ranai, gee thanks! My opinion now is tankless is not worth the money it takes for installation and maintenance, at least for small homes that do not use lots of hot water.

  16. vincent says:

    I installed two unit they both leaked from pump when I called them they said it is from red botton which I had to press in that didn’t solved the problem finally I had to pull the unit out now they tell me because I pulled the unit out of he wall the warranty is voided I will not recommend navian tank less water heater to any body

  17. VinC133 says:

    I couldn’t be happier with my new Navien. I installed one with a friend’s help in 2 hours. My situation is probably unique due to re-piping needed. I’m in a house built in mid ’20. Newer home install should take less time. Just enable Commerical mode and increase temp to 170. No more need to heat my ‘tea’ water. Nice….Sweet!

  18. Dwayne says:

    We bought a Navien CR-240 about 7 years ago and have had nothing but problems, both with the reliability of the unit and Navien service department. absolutely the worst decision I have made in my life.

  19. Moe says:

    I am not happy at all with the Navien tankless hot water heaters !!!! In the last 2 years we have installed 6 of them. Need parts for 2 of them. And for at the very least the last 3 months have not been able to get parts !! We have tried contacting the service department- they will not help at all. We have been in contact with the warrenty and service department numerous times and they are no help what so ever! They will NOT EVEN TRY TO HELP US WITH ANYTHING!!!!!! I am a very unhappy customer. We have paid good money for these water heater’s with the so called promises of a good product with good service!!! WRONG!!!! It seems to me as though they only treat a customer well and are very helpful with the SELLING of their product. But as soon as the sale is done, THEY DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PAYING CUSTOMER!!!!! This is not good customer service. And does not speak well of their company in any form or fashion!!! How do they get away with selling a product—–but then when the customer needs parts or service for the product that they sold the customer, NOT A ONE OF THEM SEEMS TO WANT TO HELP AT ALL!!!!???? Novien is one of the worst companies that I have ever had to try to deal with!!!! Being business people ourselves, we know all too well how important good customer service is and if you sell a product? You should be able to provide the parts needed for that product !!! I just want to let others out there know that if they buy a tank less hot water heater from Navien——- THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET THE PARTS THEY WILL BE NEEDING FOR THEM. AND THAT THE SERVIVE DEPARTMENT AND WARRENTY DEPARTMENT WILL NOT HELP THEM EITHER.!!!!!!!!!!!

    A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Moe says:


  21. Mr. J says:

    As part of my remodel in 2008/2009 my contractor had a Navien CR-240C tankless ware heater installed. For the first year it handled all the hot water we needed. Then over a few months it’s efficiency began a long downward spiral. I had a number of Navien certified installers and repair people come out on several occations to look at it. I had maintained it as per the manual so it was clean. The repair people installed new venting due to a recall, installed new filters anyway, installed a new motherboard and a host of other tinkerings but in the end, after 12 minutes it would shut off. The last repair.person was dumbfounded. He checked the vent pipe for blockages and who knows what else.
    I finally shut it down and had it replaced with a Rinnai when I noticed the right side would get too hot to keep your hand on. I took off the cover off and, while running the hot water in my tub, noticed a small flame burning outside of a control inside the wateheater! That was scary and could have burned my house down.
    I had contacted Navien on a number of occations but they must not like consumers because they never responded. All I wanted was a hot shower in the morning. One repair person did talk to them and got some response but I heard nothing directly from them to help resolve the issue. I have seen comments excusing Navien because of comments being made about the CR model and how it should not be compared to the NR. But the point is there is a total lack of service from Navien itself and that is not going to change no matter what model is involved.
    The issue with Navien itself was probably because the gas line running to it was too small according to the fellow who installed our Rinnai. The frustrating thing is a building inspector and Navien trained intallers from three different companies did not figure this out. It cost me around $6000 to get a tankless waterheater that is reliable. The Navien MAY have held up but faulty installation and repair by Navien trained heating and air conditioning techs ensured a short life.

  22. Gil Sandberg says:

    I have a ch240 combi boiler installed June 2012. Since the installation I had 2 Navien problems and 3 external problems I had 2 forced hot water circulators for heat and a leak in my hot water heating pipe.
    When installed the unit gave heating hot water to 160 degf. The board was replaced with a 180 degf board which fixed that problem. A couple of weeks ago the house hot water stopped working. The house heating worked ok. The problem was the switch that sensed that hot water was demanded. (Someone turned on hot water faucet) was sticking. It was replaced and the system works like new. A very low flow and the unit starts to deliver hot water. My real problem is lime scale buildup from my city water. Nobody told me the unit should be descaled once a year. This is simple procedure which you can do yourself or have a plumber do for $185. (Search for “how to clean tankless water heater”). I’m happy with the Navien. The hot water is a constant 136 degf out of Navien. The house is very comfortable when the outside temp is in the teens and the thermostat is set to 70. The unit struggles when the temp is around -5 but in New England this on happens for a couple of hours a year

  23. Tito Rodriguez says:

    I have to write a review because I feel reviews are what helps civilians keep their hard earned $ from goin down the drain. I installed a NPE-240A myself as to save a boat load of money 😉 I was able to purchase from a plumbing supply house even though I am not a contractor for $1600 plus another I think $80 for the service valves so I can flush unit with vinegar once a year to remove any calcium hard water build up. Installers wanted to charge me about $3-$4,000 to install one and that’s without the service valve. If you are somewhat handy and have or can learn how to do gas lines and copper water piping you can install this and save $$$ I made sure I picked a day that was not cold (I did it in the summer) and no one was going to be home needing hot water so I can take my time. I picked a location that I could tap into the water and gas mains without having to run long feeds (stay close to the mains if possible) and make sure the pvc pipe vents can go straight out to the exterior wall without having to travel too far and without too many turns. I installed right in the middle of basement literally 4′ from the gas and water main and the pvc runs are about 12-14′ long (guessing here) I took my time made sure unit was level and slowly ran pipe and I ran another electrical outlet to unit because there wasn’t any there and I wanted my tank where I wanted it to have it close to mains (easier to run an outlet). People let me make this much clear pick the best possible location for the tankless and make it happen don’t change location because there isn’t an outlet there an outlet is the easiest part if you have to install one (tapping into a main? a little more work). So I did this in 2014 and have had zero issues with it since, I never run out of hot water, I know it is not heating hot water for no reason when we are not home (main reason I went tankless) and I was able to get rid of that monstrosity (old conventional water heater) in my basement that was taking up space and always running even though no one was using the hot water. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Cons= when it fires up (if no one has used the hot water in a while) I can hear the blower rev up as the burners fire but only for like 5 seconds then it quiets right down to zero noise unless you have a big call for hot water 2 or more faucets going at the same time, then there is a hum that I can here but I’m ok with it I know its not for long as typically not everyone is using the hot water at the same time all day. There is a drop in hot water pressure if more than 2 faucets are calling hot water but I also have low flow heads in showers so its not that big (if your getting a tankless you probably care about saving $ so you probably already have low flow rate heads in your home). If you have big rain shower heads that pour out water (super inefficient) you will definitely have a drop in water pressure if someone else opens a faucet for hot water elsewhere in your home. You have to remember this tank is a 1/3 of the size of a regular typical conventional hot water tank so it has to heat the water when you open the faucet so you cant expect it to heat water for every faucet at once. Trust me that was one of the things I thought about before I switched was the low flow complaints I read, but it’s not an issue if you use that thing between your ears! Other than that there are no other drawbacks. Now I did have to call navien customer service about a potential issue and was not happy about the rep that I dealt with. What happened was I flushed out the tank with vinegar just recently and I noticed what looked like condensation on the bottom of secondary heat exchanger which has a plastic cover, but when I touched it it felt more like oil. I called them and the rep who as soon as he answered sounded so disinterested (I knew from there SMH) and had long pauses between our conversation. I explained potential issue and he stated (its not normal) I would have to have a certified technician come to my house and troubleshoot with their tech over the phone. I said trouble shoot what? there’s oil on the heat exchanger! what holds oil in the unit? helloooo? and stated I am not going to hire someone to come into my house to troubleshoot something that you can tell me over the phone what to look at. He puts me on hold comes back and says ok I spoke with a technician and he said that was a manufacturing assembly process that leaves some oil on the unit and that it is ok (normal to see some oil on that part) and he apologizes. So as you can see if you get the wrong person on the line that has not had proper training or just doesn’t care to look into something so simple, they can send you on a wild goose chase wasting your time and $$ ( but this can happen with any company with any product). That call is the only reason I took one star away…So I’m ok just wiped some of the oil off and put cover back on and we are business as usual. as for the older units I do know that there were issues with them that’s why I wanted the newest with the stainless steel heat exchangers and Pvc exhaust piping which Navien had where some other brands still made you use metal exhaust piping. Also a lot of problems with anything in this world is how the installer puts it in, I have seen guys that have no idea what their doing installing things they should have no business doing. Remember most of the installers are there for a paycheck they want to get in and out as soon as possible and collect the $$ Do your research and see if you can possibly install yourself with a friend while taking your time (not forcing things. dropping, rough handling, and following all the steps properly). You could figure out anything and save your hard earned $. Now I’m off to install a new furnace (which I also am not “licensed to do”)

  24. Bill smith says:

    Damn cr 240a. Junk pile is where it should be as if I had to pay a a plumber every time it has failed. I just keep trying to the repairs myself. But really the amount of standard water heaters I could have bought. There really should have been a recall and given every one a replacement as I do not even think I could stomach giving them more of my cash even though a lot of people say how good the new ones. Any one look into a class action lawsuit?

  25. John Malmborg says:

    Navien unit was recently installed on the NW exterior wall. (This is new construction) We have been in a cold snap for the past week. Temps in SC dropping to the teens overnight. Today the unit froze up and we did not have hot water. Do you have any suggestions on what to do and how to prevent future freezes? Thank you.

  26. John Mogan says:

    Navien is a Joke!
    Since purchasing a Navien Hot Water Heater in August 2011 we have had nothing but trouble with it.
    It is the correct Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater unit for our house size but every shower was a gamble up until the time it broke completely over a week ago. Yes, only a couple days after the parts warrantee expired the unreliable piece of junk went all the way out.
    It got worse when our plumber tried ordering parts for it. Navien only wanted to correspond with emails making that process take several days and when they finally knew what to send, they didn’t expedite it, in fact they sent it as slow as possible fully aware of our situation and today, the parts have still not arrived.
    Bottom line is this; “if you purchase a Navien Hot Water Heater, our experience says you will have nothing but trouble with it and the company does not live up to their hype.”
    There are many good Tankless Hot Water Heaters out there but, in my opinion, Navien does not make one.

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