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These quality tankless water heaters deliver hot water on demand for as long as you need it.  Unlike tank-style heaters that take a long time to recover, there is no recovery time involved.  Products like the Navien CR240 offer continuous hot water at the rate of 11.0 gallons per minute, suitable to meet the needs of large homes as well as many commercial enterprises. You’ll enjoy 15 years of coverage on the heat exchanger in residential settings and 10 years in commercial use.

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11 Responses to “Navien CR/CC Series Reviews”
  1. Bill says:

    I have had the Navien CR240 for about 8 months. i had it professionally installed.
    Pros- It gives you plenty of HOT water> It is very efficient and can be installed with PVC. It has a storage device to hold water even if you have a low flow rate.
    Cons-The initial cost is very high compared to other units.
    Overall this unit does what it says it will do. I would suggest you have your local Gas Dept i8nstall a new meter. Most gas meters will not handle both a large BTU consuming water heater and a furnace at the same time.

  2. Larry says:

    I have had this unit installed for about 6 months. I have had no trouble with it at all. I had ours professionally installed and after watching what it took to do it right, I strongly believe this is not a DIY project. Other then that I love it.

  3. Wes Fehr says:

    It takes forever to get hot water. You cannot depend on it staying warm when showering, etc. It delights in freezing you out. I have had the warranty people in several times. They have replaced it once. The new unit does not work any better than the old. I have a new house and I am going to trade it in for a regular hot water heater. I would not recommend anyone buy this unit.

    • J Foley says:

      I have installed several of these units ranging from the recirc to non recirc models. Earlier units had problems with the circuit boards. Gas supply is critical. If the unit is making loud noises it can be the gas line is too small and trying to draw more than it can get. Flows sensors can get dirty without good whole house filters. Water softeners are a must with all my future installs. Are you on city water or well water? You will get major fluctuations if on a well system but the manuals do not address that possibility. Fix for that! Install 40/60 psi pressure switch on system jack it up to 70 psi and then install pressure reducer down to 50 psi after to maintain constant flow. It does work cause I,ve done it. All units will have this issuue no matter what brand. Other option would be constant pressure pump or variable speed drive for the well pump to maintain a constant pressure. The units with buffer tanks can get calcium build up in the check valve to the tank that makes the unit malfunction, had that problem too, (the unit with no softener and no filter).

      • DaveT says:

        Thank you for the great input. Like you mentioned I believe proper cleaning and yearly servicing can make all the difference between a good experience or a nightmare when it comes the these heaters. I had never heard of the fix you offered for the gas PSI. It seems to be a perfect solution.

  4. Wes Fehr says:

    It is totally unreliable. It seldom gives you the water temperature required. It takes forever to get hot..

  5. Jack Westley says:

    I had a combination boiler/water heater installed and right from the beginning it has had problems, THey have been back and forth trying to resolve the issues, but I decided to have it pulled out and had my heating guy install a Baxi combination boiler. I love the Baxi and will never recommend the Navien in the future!

    • DaveT says:

      Jack: Thank you for your input. If you have a chance could you please elaborate on the problems you mentioned. The more in depth you can be the more your fellow readers can learn from your experience. I think that folks that have had trouble have every bit as much to share as those that find a unit does everything they hoped.


  6. Julie Oliver says:

    i bought a Navien water NR210 water heater 2 years ago. I have been very happy with the performance. Two weeks ago It stopped working. My husband went to the store we bought it from and they gave him the number of the local repair man. My husband called the repair man, the repair man said he could not come for a week. After a week and a half my husband went back in the store we bought it from to see if there is another repair man that could come. the sore called Navien, they informed them he is the only repair man in the area. The repair man called my husband back today and told him he cant make it until next week. Really!!!!! 3 weeks without hot water is totally unexeptable. For this reason I will never buy another Navien product.

    • DaveT says:

      Julie: I am surprised to hear about the bad service you have been getting. Overall Navien has been considered a very good product as far as serviceability. I think from your note it would be good for all customers looking at Navien units to see who and how many service folks are in their area before they decide to buy.

  7. Peter says:

    I have had a Navien for 10 years, with leaks, flow and sensor failures. Once the parts had to be flown in from California which took more than a week. I now have a set of spare parts (and have used them).
    It takes a long time for the water to get hot. Is it our sensitivity? Is it because of a Heater Box?
    We have a Heater Box to direct the hot water to the floor or for domestic use. Last week was the first time a service person was Familiar with the Box (and found two irreparable leaks in the piping).
    This is a very expensive unit to purchase and maintain that we regret installing We would gladly go back to a hot water tank.

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