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The Bosch AE125 PowerStar is a good choice for homeowners who are remodeling and want an extra source of steady, reliable hot water for their new kitchen or bath.  It’s often used in home additions as well.  Wherever you employ it, you’ll enjoy a solid warranty from Bosch including 10 years on the heat exchanger that offers replacement of the entire unit if the exchanger fails and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.  You’ll find this convenient model available for $575 to $750 and you’ll start saving on your energy consumption immediately when it replaces an electric water storage unit.

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  1. Bill says:

    We purchased this tankless water heater in 2007 and we thought we would save a lot of money on our gas bills – in fact, we thought we would make our money back within a year or so. After many problems with Bosch customer service and support, we finally got everything up and running correctly after 6 months of trying. We haven’t noticed that much of a difference in our gas bill so we may go back to a regular tank heater.

  2. Al says:

    Installed the 125FX NG in 2007, replacing a 40 gal. gas W/H.Worked fine in the begining till the spark was intermintent 6 months later. Call Bosch, thru tech support it was an Electronic Control Box defect, so they sent a new one. After warranty another problem, fluctuating water temps in showers. Did all that Tech Support asked. Replaced water valve, 2008. After a while temps started flucuating again. Replaced water valve again. Was OK till summer of 2010. Replaced water valve again according to Tech Support. Fall 2010, fluctuating hot water temp in showers. Gas pressure correct! Water pressure fine! Now waiting for serviceman to come out.
    I was told buy several plumbing outfits to wait till they are perfected before buying. Didn’t listen!
    Even now I’m hearing alot of negatives. Could have bought several 50-60 gal. gas W/H by now.
    Warranty is only good for the Heat Exchanger and nothing else after 1 year. Don’t leap just for the ‘GREEN’! I’m ready to pull it out!

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