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The Bosch AE115 PowerStar offers a water capacity of 2.3 GPM when the system is set to 105 degrees, recommended for showers and bathtubs.  For sinks, laundry and dishwashers, set the temperature to 115 and it will deliver 2.0 gallons each and every minute without interruption.  The energy efficiency is 90%, considerably higher than many electric storage tank units, and since the water is never heated more than once you’ll see a decrease in energy usage and a reduction in your utility bills.

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  1. Net Dude says:

    We had one of these bosch units installed after the rheem tankless we bought from was doa (dead on arrival) . The bosch has worked flawlessly since day 1 and although the water is not scalding hot, we noticed an immediate drop in our electric bill and nobody is complaining.

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