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The Bosch 1600 AquaStar Tankless Water Heater is a great unit for homes where on-demand hot water is simultaneously needed at multiple points.  Its 4.3 GPM maximum capacity is sufficient to handle the requirements of  2 heavy demand stations like showers or dishwashers, or 3 lighter use locations like sinks.  The design is rugged, yet compact and lightweight at just 33 pound.  Installation is quick and easy and can be done in any place a horizontal vent can be installed.

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  1. Mark says:

    We purchased the Bosch 1600 for our mobile home. It was big enough (4.3gpm) for our single bathroom home. I was able to install it myself. The fact that we live in the south made it easier for us to use a smaller unit due to the temperature rise needed. The Bosch never performed right. I contacted my local water and gas dept. thinking I needed a bigger gas line. They said everything was fine and that there was no need to change either the line size nor the meter. Then the fun started. I called Bosch service. Average 45 minutes on hold each time I called. I was sent a replacement part that did not work. I was told the problem was mine that I should have my line size and meter checked again. The bottom line is the Bosch company may make a decent tankless heater (not sure) but their service department makes my over all rating low.

  2. Steve says:

    We purchased one of these for Christmas a year ago. I had a friend who is a professional plumber install it. Easy job he said. Within a week we were not able to take a full length shower without running out of hot water. Talked with my plumber friend and he said the unit is working fine. That continued for about q month with no help from the service department as well. Back to my plumber and he finally figured it out. we had to low of water flow to keep the unit running during peak usage. He put some type of booster on the line and all is working fine now

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