Are Bosch Tankless Water Heaters the Best?

Bosch makes an impressive array of tankless heaters, many of them Energy Star rated. The lineup just might be, top to bottom, the best group of tankless products on the market. What makes Bosch tankless water heaters special? We’ve reviewed Bosch tankless water heaters in the past. Here’s a look at what makes them one of the top brands in the industry.

Bosch Makes a Wide Range of Sizes

You’ve got options with Bosch, from large whole-house models for homes where hot water is in high demand, to smaller units that can serve an apartment or townhouse or be dedicated to one large-demand application like a jetted tub or the laundry.

For example, the Bosch Therm C 1210 ES delivers a maximum of 12.1 GPM with the use of a powerful 225,000 BTU burner. It delivers an energy factor of .94 and meets 2012 low NOX emission standards. Compare that output to the Noritz NR111 with 11.1 GPM and the Rinnai RU98e with 9.8 GPM. The smallest unit in the collection is the Therm 330 PN with a potential 3.3 GPM.

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters are Efficient

Several Bosch models are Energy Star rated. These include the Therm C 1210 ES, the Therm C 950 ES and the Therm C 940 ES all with a .92 energy factor, and several with Energy Star rated .82 energy factor. For head to head comparison of similar units, see the Noritz NR98 with a .84 energy factor.

Outdoor Models are Available

There are advantages to outdoor installation. First, it doesn’t require invasive venting because the combustion occurs outside. Secondly, an outdoor unit – which is designed not to freeze up – is ideal for serving a heated pool or an outdoor spa. They can deliver water inside the house as well, of course. The Bosch Therm 940 ESO, the Therm 830 ES and the Therm 660 EFO can all be installed outdoor. Rheem also makes an outdoor series you might want to take a look at for comparison.

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters Use Commercial Grade Parts

Most Bosch models are suitable for commercial use, with heavy-gage burners and durable cabinets protecting what’s inside.

Bosch Offers Fantastic Warranties

Most Bosch tankless heaters are backed by 15-year heat exchanger warranties when properly installed. This is one of the top few warranties in the industry.


Bosch has a worldwide reputation for excellence, and it is backed up by a high-quality family of Bosch tankless water heaters. See our Bosch reviews and use reviews to compare models head to head that you might be considering. It’s the best way to find the “perfect” one for your home.

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