Calculating Savings of a Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

Point of use tankless hot water heaters that are installed under the sink or other point of application are true energy misers. They eliminate the standby heat loss that occurs when heated water cools off in a tanked water heater or in pipes running from the heater to faucets around the house. Tankless Guide set […]

How to Calculate Energy and Water Savings for Tankless Water Heaters

Have you ever wondered through your local big box store and looked at all the numbers on the side of waters heaters. What the heck do all those annual savings and EF numbers really mean?  I can’t be the only one who gets lost in the maze of percentages and ratings. What we at Tankless […]

Venting A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater venting can be a quick and affordable job if you plan it right.  When many consumers learn that a gas-powered Tankless Water Heaters must be vented, they immediately imagine costly and invasive carpentry work.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case and usually isn’t.  This Tankless water heater guide takes a […]

7 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Tankless Water Heater

Before you go out and buy that new tankless water heater there are a few things you should know, so that your family doesnt end up with cold water and you end up with a rising energy bill and the cold shoulder. In this Tankless water heater buying guide, we will help you learn about […]

How to Find the Best Deals on Tankless Water Heaters

Have you decided you’re ready to enjoy the energy-efficient, affordable luxury of a tankless water heater? Do you know how to find the best deal on tankless water heaters? We can point you in the direction of some of the best deals available on high-quality, durable tankless water heaters. Here are 6 tips for finding […]

Are Gas Tankless Water Heaters Less Expensive than Electric?

If you’re planning to install a water heater you are probably asking the question we have all asked, “Are gas tankless water heaters less expensive than electric?”In a past article Best Power Source  we covered the basics of picking a power source. In this guide we’ll explore more about gas verses electric.  In short, the […]

Should You Buy a Used Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Buying things used can save a lot of money and be a great value.  Other times buying used means buying someone else’s headache.  What about tankless water heaters? You see one listed for sale in the local paper and you wonder if it’s worth the risk.  Should you buy a used tankless water heater?  We […]

2011 Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit Guide

As with all things government the rules change quickly and not always for our best. On Dec. 17,2010 a new set of rules were put into affect regarding energy tax credits. We at Tankless Guide have tried to pull the highlights out of these changes to make it easier for our readers to find out […]

Top Rated Tankless Water Heaters 2011

American homeowners are being very cautious about spending money on what is considered to be a new approach to heating hot water. Although the tankless water heater has been around for decades in Europe it is still in its infancy in the USA. However as the going green message spreads we are seeing buyers spending […]

Tankless Water Heater In-line-Filter Cleaning

In our Tankless Guide  article cleaning your tankless water heater we showed you how to use vinegar to remove calcium and other minerals from your tankless  heater. There is another part of your tankless water heater that you should inspect and clean each time you do your annual vinegar bath tankless water heater cleaning. It […]

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