What Power Source is Best for Your Tankless Water Heater?

At Tankless Guide we present many different tankless water heaters for you to review and compare. Whole house, indoor and outdoor, single point of use, gas and electric models. Which energy source you pick  depends on several factors. Make sure to ask yourself the following questions before you run out and buy that new tankless water heater. You might also want to read Choosing the Right Tankless Water Heater for further help on deciding which heater is best for you.

Where do you live?

The first thing yoy should add into the mix before deciding on gas or electricity for your tankless water heater source is location. Do you live in a large  (or small) city that has a major power company that offers competitive rates for their electric usage,  or do you live in a rural setting where you need to belong to a small producing co-op. The per kilowatt rate is generally much higher in the rural setting.

What are Your Available Types of Energy?

Do you have electricity, propane, natural gas or even solar all ready on your property? Make sure to check and compare the rates of each type of energy. you may find that propane is cheaper in your area then electricity.

What is Your Tankless Heater Use?

Is your tankless heater for a single point like under the bathroom sink or a whole house water heater?  If you want a unit that is only going to be used in the upstairs bathroom you might find an electric tankless unit to be best given the difficulty of running propane gas to that location, as well as the needed venting of all gas units.. If however your tankless unit is going to be in the basement you have many more options because it will be much easier to run energy supply lines to  your heater.

Is Your Install in a New Home or a Replacement?

If you are building a new home or cabin you can pre-plan for the layout of your tankless system. Things such as running extra gas pipe or running heavy duty wire and circuits for tankless water heaters into each bathroom. If however you are adding or replacing an old water heater make sure to add in wiring, piping and venting into your check list of which tankless unit is best for you.

In Conclusion:

There are many great tankless water heaters on the market. Units that run on electricity or units that run on propane or natural gas are all good. Answering a few simple questions like those above will help you to make the best informed decision as to which  tankless water heater is best for you.

Remember: All tankless water heaters should be installed by a licensed professional. If you decide to DIY make sure to read your warranty as well as your local codes first. Don’t know where to start get free quotes from your area.

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