Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit Guide

saving money with tankless water heater tax creditDid you know could save up to $1500 on a hot water system for your home, by taking advantage of tankless water heater tax credit before it expires!?

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Due to increased demand for the use of energy efficient products, the US Department of  Energy has renewed a tankless water heater tax credit   available to encourage homeowners to purchase high efficiency tankless water heaters. Before you decide to buy a tankless water heater, It’s an absolute must, to ask your contractor and make sure that your gas or electric system qualifies for the tankless water heater tax credit.

Qualifying for the Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit

In order for you to qualify for the tankless tax credit, the water heater must meet the following criteria:

  • Natural Gas, Liquid Propane or Oil fired heaters must have an energy factor of 8.0 or above! This is over 33 percent more efficient than the current federal standard.

Further Details

An energy efficiency tax credit is not an instant rebate and you will not get a discount or reduction in the price of your tankless water heater at the time of purchase or installation. A tankless water heater tax credit is claimed when you complete your taxes, on your federal income tax form. The credit will effectively offset or reduce the amount of tax to be paid. Anyone who follows taxes knows this is much better, since its a dollar for dollar reduction instead of just lowering your taxable income.

Will You Take Advantage of the Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit?

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