Tankless Water Heater In-line-Filter Cleaning

In our Tankless Guide  article cleaning your tankless water heater we showed you how to use vinegar to remove calcium and other minerals from your tankless  heater. There is another part of your tankless water heater that you should inspect and clean each time you do your annual vinegar bath tankless water heater cleaning. It is called the in-line filter. The in-line filter is a pre filter that traps many of the larger particles of minerals and other water contaminants. This filter is located on the intake line of your heater  right before  the water supply enters your tankless heater there is a filter in the line. Read your owners manual to find its exact location. This filter should be easily removed from the line. Wash out the filter with your vinegar solution and make sure all the holes are clean and open. Replace the filter back into the line. If you should find the filter is worn check your manual for where to get a replacement filter for your unit. Below is a  video that will show you how simple it is to remove and clean your in-line filter.


If you set up a good system of annual cleaning of your tankless water heater system you will enjoy better performance as well as longer life for you heater. Just like you change your cars oil or replace your smoke alarm batteries make it a habit to clean your tank.

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One Response to “Tankless Water Heater In-line-Filter Cleaning”
  1. I can’t get the prefilter out of the rinnai. It seems stuck. Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

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