Tankless Ratings | Who Makes the Best Tankless Water Heater?

Closing out 2010, one of the most glaring stats we gathered from the tankless heater reviews pages, were that people don’t always like the most popular tankless water heater models! In fact, the top rated tankless water heaters were nowhere near what we originally thought would make the list.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a tankless review in 2010! In this Tankless Guide article we are going to look at the top rated hot water systems, and list what readers determined who makes the best tankless water heater in 2010!

Who Makes the Best Tankless Water Heater

As we previously mentioned, some of the most popular brands of water heaters were not who we would have chosen! Usually, you expect to hear the name Rinnai or even Rheem at the top of any review list.

In 2010, Tankless Guide readers proved that one of the little guys can come alone and disrupt the market, and take it’s place on the pedestal of ratings!

Highest Rated Tankless Water Heaters in 2010

According to our own tankless reviews – the list below are the best tankless water heaters.

  • Navien Water Heaters (Info
  • Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters (Info)
  • Rheem Water Heaters (Info)
  • Titan Tankless (Info)

And of those top tankless brands, when you wonder who makes the best tankless water heater, it simply has to be the Navien brand tankless units!

How do You Rate Your Tankless System?

We love hearing from readers! Please go to the tankless heater reviews page to find your model and review it, or just comment below and tell us what you think about who makes the best tankless water heater.

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