How to Hire a Tankless Water Heater Installer

tankless water heater installerWe’ve all heard or read the horror stories about someone we know hiring a tankless water heater installer, everything from undisclosed costs to leaving behind substandard work that needs to be fixed by others. There are plenty of qualified tankless water heater installers out there, but the few bad apples can give the entire service industry a bad name.

In this Tankless Guide article, we want to go through a few tips you can follow to hire a tankless water heater installer, and protect yourself and your investment at the same time!

Tips for Hiring a Tankless Water Heater Installer

Choose a Local Company

Choosing a local tankless water heater installer is an easy choice. Not only is it good to help your community growth for local business, you will benefit from a company who’s established in your community and experienced with contractor work. Nothing screams reliability more than a local contractor, they count on referrals from people like you in the future!

Ask your Friends and Family for Referrals

Walk up and down your street and ask a few neighbors for the contact information of the same people who may have done work in their home in the past. Choosing to follow a trusted referral, you know the tankless water heater installer you’re hiring will do a good job for you as well! And, since the referral came  a friend, you know they’re trustworthy.

Get at Least 3 Installer Quotes

Never settle for the first estimate you get! Make a list of all the tankless water heater installers you talk to, and then narrow the list based on what you feel. Call them during off-business hours to test how they handle emergencies, and start crossing companies off the companies who care not about customer service!

Verify Proper Licensing and Insurance

Licensing and Insurance is the utmost of importance! If the tankless water heater installer is not insured and burns down your home… you may be out of some money, but more importantly you could possibly endanger the safety of your family! As you talk to installers, always check their licensing and insurance policies. If you ask and they cannot answer, walk away from the deal and get another quote!

Finally, remember that you’re looking for a professional plumber who’ll get your job done right, but you also need somebody who’s easy to talk to. Make sure you can communicate with your tankless water heater installer and everything will be a smooth and p[pleasurable experience for both of you!

Do You Have Tankless Water Heater Installer Hiring Tips?

If so, please share your hiring tips below!

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4 Responses to “How to Hire a Tankless Water Heater Installer”
  1. ImpliedConsent says:

    Maintenance is key to years of trouble free performance. Although I’m fairly new with tankless, I’ve spent countless hours researching various brands, EF, GPM and warranties. One piece that I did not take into account is power. Most tankless are using some sort of Electric Ignition, unlike older tank water heaters. Make sure the installer 1) correctly wires a dedicated outlet for your new tankless 2) either have the installer install a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) or buy one at your favorite electronics store. For my tankless, the maximum power consumption was 200W. I oversized a UPS to 350W. The battery, unused, will last about 12+hrs during power outages. We used ours during extended power outages and came in about 4hrs of hot water usage (we intentionally tested it by unplugging the UPS and running dishwashers, washing machines, showers, baths). The UPS’s are a fairly cheap insurance device against. Another benefit … most UPS’s are line conditioners and surge protectors built into one.

    • Dave says:

      Very good suggestion Implied. To many manufacturers seem to downplay the somewhat complicated task of installation. I am not sure why they are trying to sell these units as DIY.. It can be done but given the importance of hot water I recommend hiring a professional. Your suggestion of a UPS is a great simple add on to making sure you have plenty of hot water all the time

  2. ImpliedConsent says:

    One more point (OK, maybe 2 more… ), which I meant to add: if the installer states he doesn’t know any of the following brands: Bosch, Navien, Noritz, Rheem, Rinnai, Takagi, Stiebel, or Titan … chances are he’s probably not the right installer for your application. These are the industry leaders with the better reputations (tankless). That’s why this site primarily deals with those brands. There are other brands worth noting – A.O. Smith, Paloma, Richmond, Eternal, Rudd, Sure Comfort and Wai Wela. Most of their models come with “at least” a 12yr warranty.

    Don’t be sold on brand name alone, have the installer give you quotes on the several brands they sell (with model numbers). Then hit the website and select brand/model that fits your criteria and size it for the maximum amount of water you “might” use at the same time (GPM). You’re installer should also be able to help size the right heater.

    As Dave has rightly pointed out, this is certainly not a DIY installation unless you’ve been trained specifically on the brand you are installing and are a certified plumbing professional.

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