DIY Tankless Installation Versus Using a Professional

tankless water heater installerOK, so you are a home DIY’er and you know your way around a pipe wrench and have done some house electrical work. You have studied up on all the terms like flow rate, gpm, psi and so on our tankless terms and meanings page, and you think you’re ready to grab your tools and do your own install.

At the Tankless Guide, we  have received many questions about DIY (do-it-yourself) tankless water heater installation. The short version is in most cases we do not recommend DIY for this project. The long answer is more complicated so lets jump in.

In this Tankless Water Heater Guide article, we’re going to have a look at several of the reasons you may want to install your own tankless water heater, as well as some of the pros and cons of DIY versus using a pro.

Why Consider a DIY Tankless Installation?

Lets look at some of the obvious reason you would want to perform a DIY, or do it yourself tankless hot water installation. After selecting the right tankless water heater, you’ll find that most  installation manuals with tankless water heaters are written in-depth with good easy to follow instructions. Most can run on simple household wiring, and obviously, saving money is a big reason most people choose to DIY a Tankless Water Heater! Lets look a bit deeper at each reason.

Tankless Installation Manuals

Well I agree that many of them have gotten better in the way they are written, we almost feel like we don’t need to go out and buy “Plumbing for Dummies“before we start to read the manual. However manuals are written for a broad across the board general installation. They can not take into account the wrong size gas lines or the poor flow rate after installation.

Tankless Electrical Wiring

I personally don’t do much wiring but when you start to read your manual and find out that you need a dedicated 30 amp breaker just for the heater, it would make me rethink doing the wiring myself.

Saving Money by Doing it Yourself!

This point is hard to debate. Yes, you will save cash by DIY. You may however find the saving is out weighed by the risks. Make sure to add in buying all the right size piping, wiring, fittings in addition to the unit cost.While you’re at it, don’t forget you may need some new tools that you have never used before!

Why Have a Professional Install Your Tankless

So you have read how to find a tankless heater installer. You have considered the frustrations the lack of back up if you get into trouble and the possible voiding of the warranty by the manufacturers. You are still on the fence well lets looks at the pros of a profession that we have discussed above.

Headaches and frustrations that can come with DIY projects.

Almost everybody has tried their hand at DIY. It can be both rewarding and financial savings. However most all of us as well can tell you the horror stories of well intended easy projects that went astray. Wrong tools,wrong material,cut to short leaks all over. Well you remember…

Professionals back up their work

Good professional installers will always back up their work with a warranty of at least 90 days or more. Anything goes wrong they will come back and fix it at no charge, In a rare case you may need to call th installer back more then once but if they are good they will continue to return till you have a system that works.

Manufacturers Warranty

Make sure to read your Manufacturers warranty. Many of the big names state that DIY will void your MFG warranty. This is cut and dry Diy no warranty but read it close it am also indicate that you should use a certified installer. This usually means a person that is trained to work on the brand of unit you have purchased.

Summary of DIY Versus Pro Installation

I think most of you all ready know where I stand on this matter I believe that there are some projects that are just better left to the pros. Yes it is rewarding to do it yourself. Yes it gives you knowledge so you can help others with the same type of jobs and yes it could save you money but in my reality with the potential for costly mistakes, the always present danger of working with either gas or electric heaters and the risk of voiding my warranty. I will go with the pros.

Remember: All tankless water heaters should be installed by a licensed professional. If you decide to DIY make sure to read your warranty as well as your local codes first. Don’t know where to start get free quotes from your area.

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