Are Titan Tankless Water Heaters the Best?


TitanTitan tankless water heaters are some of the best-selling electric water heaters on the market. They are a division of Stiebel-Eltron and are produced in a range of sizes that give you options for point of use or whole house application. We’ve reviewed Titan models in the past and will continue to do so. This post gives you an overview of why they are top sellers in the tankless water heater industry.

Titan Offers Large Capacity Electric Tankless Water Heaters

The largest electric units don’t have the capacity as the largest gas models, but they can be used in 1-2 bedroom homes to meet the needs of 1-3 people. The brand new Titan SCR3 N-160 tankless water heater can deliver up to 4.0 gallons per minute in climates with fairly warm incoming ground water. Most, however, are point of use models designed for a single bathroom or fixture, or to be used as a dedicated hot water source for a laundry room or jetted tub. Models with flow rates from .5 GPM complement the larger models.

Titan Tankless Water Heaters are Versatile

All you need is electricity. There’s no gas line to run, and these units can be installed nearly anywhere. They are ideal for homes, workshops, labs, classrooms, cottages, boats and even RVs. Titan makes 110/120 volt models as well as 220/240 volt models that offer higher capacities. The Titan line is also high on the energy star rating list.

Titan Water Heaters are Compact and Stylish

The reason these units are so popular is that the fit anywhere, such as underneath a cabinet. In addition, with European styling, they are attractive enough to be wall-mounted in sight. They are quiet, too, so having one in an open space won’t produce unwanted noise.

Titan Has a Good Service Record

Titan tankless water heaters offer consumers very good durability. You can install one with confidence, knowing it will give you years of reliable service in a residential or commercial setting.


If you are looking for a quality electric water heater, there’s a lot to like about Titan. See our reviews of Titan tankless water heaters for more details on some of the most popular models like the Titan SCR2 N-120. Read more about Stiebel-Eltrons whole line.



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One Response to “Are Titan Tankless Water Heaters the Best?”
  1. Independent Eddie says:

    I had the same unit in a house I bought and it was at least 13 years old when it died (stopped making hot water and leaking) so for the price this seems reasonable service. I bough the same unit to simplify re-installation. My major issue is that if you open the unit, which will break the seals, it voids the warranty. The unit I had was installed correctly where the power wires should be connected directly into the unit (evidently voiding the warranty). The new ones come with a pigtail wire. You need to anchor a junction box nearby and use big wire nuts to splice in the pigtail. For a new installation I would suspect that the inspector would say you can’t do this and need to connect the feed wire directly to the unit. Also, the install directions for this unit say that you are supposed to use 6 gauge wire, and the pigtail is 8 gauge. Does this make sense? One good feature is that the old unit had no clearance to put a wrench on the unit fitting when tightening the compression nut. Without a wrench on the unit you could damage the fittings on the unit when cranking on the compression nut. Evidently they figured this out and the new units have more space to attach a wrench that holds the unit plumbing in place when tightening the compression nut. It seems like a good unit, especially for the price but the wiring requirements makes no sense.

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