Are Noritz Tankless Water Heaters the Best?

The Noritz tankless water heaters are whole-house models designed to deliver continuous hot water for homes with 2-4 bathrooms. The 3 units all get high marks from consumers for durability and reliability. The Noritz NRC111 offers up to 11.1 GPH, the NRC98, up to 9.8 GPM and the NRC83 up to 8.3 GPM flow rate. We’ve introduced you to Noritz products in the past. Here’s a look at why consumers make Noritz models some of the best-selling in the industry.

Noritz Water Heaters are Efficient

All 3 models are Energy Star rated, delivering energy factors of .91-.94. While not the highest in the industry, these are very good. If you’d like to compare efficiency levels, see similar articles here on Rinnai, Navien and Rheem tankless water heaters.

Noritz Tankless Models offer High Capacity

As we noted, the NRC111 delivers up to 11.1 GPM making it one of the highest-capacity tankless water heaters in its class. It will produce enough hot water for up to 3 applications at once in any home. A product with that much capacity is ideal for large households.

Innovation is Seen in Each Model

To achieve energy efficiency this high, Noritz used innovation. These are condensing tankless heaters which means they trap more heat from exhaust gases before it can escape and use it to pre-heat water entering the system. This is possible because each Noritz tankless water heater has 2 heat exchangers, the standard copper heat exchanger and a secondary stainless steel heat exchanger. The result is excellent energy efficiency and lower gas bills.

Green Energy

The result of high efficiency is a reduction of energy use. Now, the hot water in your home can be very green and environmentally friendly.


For more details on the Noritz tankless heaters, or to compare them with models from other leading brands, see our library of tankless water heater reviews. You’ll see why so many consumers are replacing inefficient storage-tank water heaters with tankless Noritz water heaters. You will also find that the warranty offer by Noritz is among the best in the industry.


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